Famous Gay K-Pop Idols in 2021

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Research shows that 1 out of 10 people are part of the LGBT+ community. It’s no surprise that half of these idols, right be gay or lesbian or anything in the spectrum. But since Korea is still very huss about being open to these topics it’s hard for those idols to publically come out.

But as of lately, Korea has seen some progress in the number of people that are becoming more accepting towards the community, it’s still not near a lot. Another reason might be that most kpop companies are very careful about their and their idol’s image in the media.

Since its well knew that the Korean citizens (Mostly) do not take the news of an idol being gay or lesbian, the companies restrict their idols from coming out.

Coming out is a hard thing to do in itself especially when someone comes from a conservative society. But that hasn’t stopped some idols from coming out.Idols choose different platforms and ways to comeout some do it through SNS or Tv shows.

Here is the list of few idols that have came out over the years.

Jiae (Wassup)

Jiae (Wassup)

To stay in touch with her followers, Jiae used Instagram, the photo-sharing app where she could directly connect to her fans.According to Jiae’s Instagram post from July 15, “It was tough, hard, eventful, whether LG or BT,” she shared a photo of herself and another female.

However, this was not the first time she had spoken about her past. By sharing a picture of her partner on her Instagram story and writing, “I love men and women.,” the singer-turned-vlogger came out as bisexual in January of last year. “Are you sure you grasp this?”
As a result of the conflicting reactions to her July 15 post, Jiae has now revealed that she is going through a psychiatric crisis as a result of the negative feedback she has received. As reported by SPOTV News, on July 23, Jiae said on her Instagram, “Please do not think of me as a sinner. Instead of thinking on me, you should think about yourself.”

Aquinas (Kang Min-soo)

High School Rapper 3 star Aquinas also came out as bisexual around the same time — on July 14 to be exact. Like Jiae, he opted to come out on Instagram, displaying a stylized rainbow flag with the words “I’m bisexual” in both English and Korean.

In another post, he posted a supportive message in both English and Korean, saying that he “can’t fathom how hard it must have been for those who came out about [being] LGBTQ+]” and that he will “try his best to aid them” and that everyone deserves to be loved.

Trot star Kwon Do-woon

Trot star Kwon Do-woon

Kwon Do-woon, the first prominent Korean star in 20 years to come out on his own terms, helped prepare the road over a year before Jiae and Aquinas’ disclosures, according to Yahoo! News.

Kwon made a public statement through his agency in October 2020 indicating that he wishes to take a part in the representation of LGBTQ+ human rights. He also stated that he wishes to be an inspiration to those in the entertainment business who are struggling with the decision to come out.
In an interview with Yonhap News, he stated that he has known about his sexual identity since he was seven years old and feels “grateful and rejuvenated after coming out,” describing the feeling as being comparable to finally being able to breathe after many years.

Kwon made another big revelation to the public seven months after coming out as gay. He revealed that he now had a partner. His lover, according to Dong-A News, isn’t a famous person and hasn’t even come out to his family and friends yet. The pair split up barely two weeks after Kwon’s announcement due to public outcry and Kwon even conveyed his sorrow and apologies via Osen.

Idol School star Som Hein

Idol School star Som Hein

Som Hein is a well-known ulzzang (Korean for “internet goddess”) who first gained fame as a K-pop star trainee. She received even more notice when she appeared on Mnet’s Idol School, however she had to leave the show after the first episode because of health problems.

Som made her solo debut in 2019 and came out as bisexual. KPopStarz quotes her as saying, “Actually, I enjoy ladies. As previously said, I’m a bisexual woman. So, you like girls? I guess so. A person who is homosexual is simply a person who is homosexual. There’s nothing wrong with it. While doing so, she also brought up her ex-girlfriend, with whom she broke up in 2020, according to reports.

The news of her coming out was met with mixed reactions from her fans, given that in 2017, Som had also been accused of bullying at school. Many K-pop fans suspected she was simply being upfront about her sexuality as a diversion from the issue. Soompi says that Som later issued a statement in which he denied the allegations.


Holland kpop

He is well-known in the K-pop industry for being the first out homosexual K-pop star. As recently as January of this year, he made his singing debut with the declaration that he intended to use his platform to speak out about his experiences with violent assailants and victims from sexual minorities.

Many did not want to sign someone who would speak out on behalf of sexual minorities, so he launched on his own without an agent, although he has since signed with one.

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