Who is Girl’s Day’s Hyeri boyfriend?

girls day Hyeri

Lee Hye-Ri is a South Korean actress, singer, and television personality who rose to fame as the youngest member of the girl group Girl’s Day.

Hyeri was born in Gwangju, South Korea. She has a younger sister named Hye-rim who is 2 years her junior. She used to be an ordinary kid without any dreams of becoming famous until she met Dream Tea Entertainment’s scout when she was still in middle school and they saw the potential for her future as a singer!

Luckily enough, the company liked what they saw and offered Hyeri to join their crew alongside Yura – two other girls that were also scouted by DTE at the same time after Lee Ji In left Girl’s Day due to personal reasons with Jisun following suit shortly afterward from “other” causes which are speculated but not confirmed publically yet (no one really knows).

She was named as the “Nation’s Little Sister” by the South Korean media due to her immense popularity after appearing as a fixed cast member on the Soth Korean variety show “Real Men” in 2014.

She is popular for her roles in the dramas “Tasty Life” (2012), “Seonam Girls High School Investigators ” (2014),” Hyde Jekyll, Me“(2015), and “Reply 1988.”(2015). She has acted in movies including ”Strange Object”(2017) and “My Punch-Drunk Boxer”(2019). She likes watching movies and reading books she’s also good at running marathons and writing.

That’s enough for her introduction now let’s move on to the important topic.  If you are here to know about her current and past relationship then you are probably at the right place as in this article you will know everything you need to know about her love life.

Current relationship status

She is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol.


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They first meet each other on the sets of iconic Kdrama in August 2015 where the two played the role of Jung Hwan and Deok Sun, who are childhood friends that grew up in the same neighborhood.  They developed special relations with each other thanks to the Kdrama.

But their relationship was confirmed only on 16th August 2017. Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency released an official confirming their relationship as the agency stated that the two are in a relationship and they progressed from being a friend to a couple. Hye-Ri’s entertainment label, as well as Dispatch, also confirmed their relationship. Like usual Dispatch had released the photo f them having a sweet date by the side of a lake.

Who is her boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol?

Ryu Jun Yeol is a South Korean actor who began his acting career in independent films but he rose to fame for his role in the television series “Reply 1988″(2015-2016). He was born in Suwon, Gyeonggi, South Korea on 25th September 1986. Including cold and quiet, he has a flexible personality and a thoughtful version of himself as well.

He is still a childlike son to his parents and he can be playful and quite talkative with friends also. He wishes to become an actor who brings consolation to people in life that is full of happiness and tears.

He is the type of guy who aims to console his fans even if he shows different sides of himself in various projects like even if he portrays the role of a villain, he would still try his best to console his fans.

Rumored relationships?

As famous as she is, she is bound to be surrounded by many rumors as it’s unavoidable due to different opinions of people. None of her rumored ex-boyfriends are confirmed except Tiny Ahn. Below you will find more about her relationship with Tony Ahn and other rumored ex-boyfriends.

Tony Ahn 


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Although the age gap between Tony and Hye-Ri is 16 years they were in a relationship. On 16th April 2013, Sports Seoul after two months of observing and gathering the information about the two they finally revealed the pictures of them going on a date.

According to the news source, initially, the two were meeting each other as senior and junior in the K-pop industry but later the relationship deepened and turned into love.

The news was confirmed by both of their agencies but unfortunately, on November 8 Hye-Ri’s agency stated that their dating relationship had ended however their sunbae-hoobae relationship would still continue as they become distant due to their busy schedules.

The rest of the names are only the rumored ex-boyfriends of Lee Hye-Ri.

  • Hong Kyung Min (k-pop singer)
  • Eun Ji Won (member of Sechs Kies Korean group, a dancer, host, rapper, and composer)
  • Choi Hee Sup (South Korean professional baseball player)
  • Lee Seo Jin (top K-drama star)
  • Rain ( songwriter, singer, music producer, and actor)
  • Choi Sung Wook (heir to the Dongyang conglomerate)
  • Kwon Sang Woo (a Korean actor)

Is she married?

Even though she has been in a relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol since 2017 they haven’t gotten married yet. But might expect them to marry very soon.

Her ideal type?

Her ideal type is someone who is cute, takes good care of her, and is a man with wide shoulders.


Currently, she is in a relationship with her boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol , and are expected to marry soon. Even though no official announcement is made about their marriage it is sure that their relationship is going strong.

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