Girls’ Generation Taeyeon spoils Red Velvet’s comeback in the music video!

Red Velvet is likely to come back sooner than expected. There was a spoiler about Red Velvet’s comeback in the music video for Taeyeon’s new song “What Do I Call You”, which is very much loved by Red Velvet members.

Taeyeon’s comeback poster captured a symbol reminiscent of Red Velvet. The two picture frames behind Taeyeon show the image of a Ferris wheel and daisy flowers.

The Ferris wheel appeared in the music video for the 2019 Red Velvet hit “Zimzalabim”.

Members of Red Velvet have posted pictures of daisy flowers on their personal Instagram in the past without any explanation.


A video of the letter is played in the final scene of Taeyeon’s new song “What Do I Call You” MV released on the 15th.



A letter of the same shape appeared in Red Velvet’s hit song “Psycho” MV a year ago.



Recently, SM Entertainment has tended to spoil the follow-up singer who will soon make a comeback to his singer’s music video, but Taeyeon’s next SM Entertainment comeback runner is likely to be Red Velvet.



<Other comeback tips>

Recently, Joy received a gift and a card from the entertainment program “Handsome Tigers” PD of the SBS broadcasting station where he is appearing, but the card says “Please do your best to prepare for the comeback.”




Seulgi has unveiled a new hairstyle for his comeback.




The stylist in charge of Red Velvet posted in his Instagram story “After a long time, outdoor shooting” with a photo.

It was spoiled that Red Velvet is currently shooting for a comeback.




Since the exposure of Irene’s power harassment at the end of October, Red Velvet has temporarily suspended all activities. However, a month later, at the end of November, SM Entertainment’s CEO Lee Seong Gu announced a comeback, saying, “Red Velvet will be back soon.” I’m guessing that I’ll make a comeback in January because I’m spoiling about the comeback here and there.

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