TOP 5 OST’s of Goblin


Goblin is one of the best kdramas I have watched. Not only the plot but its OSTs are really outstanding too which makes it even more popular.

Goblin’s OST features Ailee and Urban Zakapa, some of the most popular singers, making it an instant public favorite. The tracks have also performed exceptionally well on all of the main music charts, including Melon, Naver, and Mnet.

These are perfect for the times when just want to relax and want something soothing to the ears. Here are some of my faves.

1. Stay with me

Punch and Chanyeol’s song “Stay with Me” was featured on the original soundtrack of the 2016 popular television drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. Lee Seung Joo wrote the song, which was composed by the musical duo Rocoberry. This single was the first part of the series.

2. Hush

Hush is the third part of Goblin’s OST. On the Melon music charts, it was ranked 26th, 13th on the Naver music charts, and 39th on the Mnet music rankings.

3. Beautiful

‘Beautiful’ is the fourth part of the Goblin OST. It was released on December 17, 2016, and it debuted at #3 on Melon’s music charts, #2 on Naver’s music charts, and #8 on Mnet’s music charts.

4. I miss you

‘I Miss You’ is the seventh part of the Goblin OST. On New Year’s Eve of 2016, it was released. It was ranked 4th on Melon’s music charts, 6th on Naver’s music charts, and 5th on Mnet’s music charts.

5. Round and round

Round and Round by Heize and Han Soo Ji is the last part of the Goblin’s OST, written by Nam Hye Seung, Park Sang Hee.

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