Those Side Characters – Everyone Good Kdrama Needs Support!

side characters

Who are your favorite supporting actors? Those actors that add the sugar or spice to make a kdrama perfect. The ones that make everything funnier and sweeter.

Park Jin Joo

This woman steals every scene from all of the leads. She has a stacked list of Kdramas. Her character in every show always made me wish she had a lead or a main role. She usually plays the sassy carefree friend. My favorite character was Sun Joo, Deok Mi’s best friend in Her Private Life. She is currently in Our Beloved Summer as Yeon Soo’s best friend.

During an episode of the Korean variety show Come Back Home, Park Jin Joo said that she was classmates with Park Seo Joon. One of her professors told her that she and Park Seo Joon would be successful first out of everyone in the class but she would fade quickly because she doesn’t like to work hard. She then turned to the camera as if to address her former classmate and said, I will work harder so I can stay by your side. I would love to see her as a lead one day.

Kim Sun Young

This unnie never fails to make me laugh or cry. She has no in between. She is everyone’s favorite unnie/eemo! She is a total scene stealer in every show she’s in. Her acting range is unmatched. She went from playing the warm hearted single mother in Reply 1988, to the psycho eccentric gallery owner in Her Private Life, a stoic and serious doctor in Silent Sea and my favourite role of her’s Dae Hyun’s mom in Backstreet Rookie.

Kim Hae Sook

You may know her as Chewing Gum in The Thieves, Dal Mi’s grandmother from Start Up, mom from My Father is Strange, the rich guy’s overbearing mom in Pinocchio, and so many more kdramas and movies. She’s been acting since the 70s. Everyone knows who she is and everyone loves her. I didn’t see any of her work in the 70s or 80s but in her recent roles, she always brings a comforting feeling. My favourite character was Chewing Gum in The Thieves. She brought the family element to the group of jewel thieves and added the feeling of empathy to a group of anti-heroes.

Hwang Bo Ra

Hwang Bo Ra is a hit or miss with people. You either love her or find her obnoxious. I love her and I think she’s hilarious. My favourite character was Bong Se Ra in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. The scene with the bra insert killed me. I loved her little romance with the driver. She always adds to the comedy in romcoms.

Kim Min Gyu

He’s just easy on the eyes. First time I noticed him he was an extra in Sound Of Your Heart. I wish he had more lead roles. The only lead role I watched him in was in Queen of Love and War and his acting was a bit stiff but playing those Joseon kings is not easy even for more experienced actors and the role did not suit him. The language and mannerisms are completely different. If you notice all of the other minor characters in the historical dramas are always played by the same actors. He deserves a better lead role!

Park Gyu Young

She’s had more main roles than support roles as of late but I love seeing her in shows. Her acting style is subtle yet effective. She pulled off may different roles very well. She played the obnoxious rich girl in Romance is a Bonus Book to the rocker in Sweet Home. She can pull off dry humor the best that I have see from Korean actors. My favourite character was from a show that wasn’t as popular as it should have been. The Third Charm as On Ran Won, the annoying younger sister of the male lead. She delivered some crazy disses that would have battle rappers cheering her on in a cypher.

Ahn Nae Sung

I’ve been mostly talking about the ladies of kdramas, let’s give a shout out to the one of our favourite ahjushees. When he shows up on a scene of of kdrama, you never know if he’s going to be the good guy or the bad guy. Sometimes he’s a little bit of both. His presence in kdrama is always very serious. My favourite role was Nam Jeon in My Country.

Hwang Seok Jung

This unnie is always hilarious and brings her A game to every Kdrama. She brings the much needed comedic breaks to the serious shows. You have likely seen her in a lot of dramas like Because This is My First Life, She was Pretty, Cheese in the Trap, or Secret Garden. You can catch her as Mrs. Kim In Ghost Doctor. She usually portrays the eccentric woman. She is also another scene stealer with her comedic breaks. Fun fact about Seok Jung Unnie, she competed in a fitness competition at the age of 50! That is an impressive feat and difficult for most 20 year olds. Get it Unnie!


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