GOT7’s Bambam labeled ‘brave’ for teasing Jinyoung

GOT7's Bambam and Jinyoung

GOT7‘s Bambam is known to lighten up the mood and make fun of things when the fandom is about to get bored and count on him. For example, fans loved his reaction when Jinyoung revealed his abs on ‘The Devil Judge’ and Youngjae kissing (G)I-DLE’s Minnie on the Netflix sitcom “So Not Worth It”. And so fans were already expecting something when Jinyoung finally appeared on the ongoing comedy K-drama “Yumi’s Cells”.

Bambam, the 4D entertainer spends a lot of time on Stan Twitter and seems to know about a lot of inside jokes that their fans ‘Ahgases’ have. Fans have created some positions in K-pop groups like the mom and dad of the group. Similarly, many Ahgases think that Jinyoung s the mom of the group as he takes care of his member. Bambam decided to play on that joke on Twitter as Jinyoung had made a hilarious appearance on ‘Yumi’s Cells’.

Bambam makes fun of Jinyoung’s appearance on ‘Yumi’s Cells’

The ongoing K-drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’ tells us about the story of Kim Yumi through the eyes of her cells. We see Yumi’s world the way her cells interpret it, the role of Yumi is played by Kim Go-Eun of’ Goblin’and ‘Eternal Moanrch’ fame. In the drama, she would already be in a relationship when yumi first meets Jinyoung’s character ‘Yoo Babi’. She keeps running into Babi and the cells find it suspicious and think that he might have some hidden agenda. So, to keep Yumi from falling for him the cells decide to make Babi look like a girl. And thank goodness to ti storyline, we get to see GOT7’s JInyoung in the female version wearing a long wig and makeup.

Bambam also found the scene very hilarious along with the fans. so he changed his Twitter icon to JInyoung’s female version Babi. Jokingly, he tweeted, “He finally became the real mom.” and ended up following Jinyoung on Instagram. Some fans joked that he probably did to calm the anger of JInyoung. Previously he had called Jinyoung ‘mommy’ while wishing him happy birthday on Twitter. Ahgases love the way Bambam uses the meme and finds it inspiring.

‘Bambam is the bravest member of GOT7’

Ahgases found Bambam’s way of supporting his members adorable and have been trending Bambam and Jinyoug on various social media platforms. Following are the various tweets tweeted by the Ahgases.

One fan tweeted, “Help GOT7 @BamBam1A changed his icon to Yoo Babi girl parody i can’t, he is so extra and supportive to Jinyoung.”

Another fan posted, “This is probably Jinyoung when he finds out what BamBam has been doing on Twitter.” One shared, “PARK JINYOUNG’S VERSATILITY.”

Another fan posted, “You’ll know that bambam is the bravest member of GOT7 when he starts to tease jinyoung and jaebeom lmao.” “Bambam tweeted about jinyoung today, followed and unfollowed him on instagram, changed his pfp into jinyoung’s pic… same bambam same, we all miss jinyoung,” said a fan.

One expressed, “Please iam wheezing here.. Bambam ..iam glad #Jinyoung doesn’t have acc on Twitter or else.”

You can see the tweets below and please feel free to express our opinion in the comments below.

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