Why to watch He is Psychometric ?

Original Air Date: March – April 2019


After he injures his head jumping from a building fire in his youth, Lee Ahn (played by Got7’s Park Jin Young) develops the power of psychometry where he can see a glimpse into an object or person’s past by touching it. He uses his power to try to capture criminals with his adoptive older brother, an investigator, and a police officer.

My Review

He is Psychometric is a crime thriller with some romance intertwined in it. This drama came at the right time from me when I needed a break from traditional romance dramas. The storyline is unique and the writers did a good job of keeping you in suspense and slowly unraveling the past through flashbacks and moving the character development along in the present. There is some needed suspension of disbelief in some of the plot that unfolded and the development of Lee Ahn’s powers. But I find that if you examine any fantasy/supernatural drama too closely, it can unravel, so it’s best to just go with it and enjoy the show.

I thought all four leads did a terrific job acting their roles. But I have to say that Got7’s Park Jin Young was an adorable surprise for me and really made it an enjoyable drama. He played his character with such innocence and charm, but also was able to emote the heavier and emotional scenes. I thought he did a great job in his first role as the lead actor.  I enjoyed his interactions with the three people that were in his orbit. His older brother, now prosecutor Kang Sung Mo (played by Kim Kwon) was a complex character who was cold on the outside but in his own way tried to protect those that he cared about. Eun Ji Soo (played by Kim Da Som) was an investigator for the police who despite criticism from her peers, believed in his abilities and supported his growth.  Lastly, there is Yoon Jae In (played by Shin Ye Eun) who is an intelligent police officer trying to clear her father’s name as a murderer and arsonist. As the show progresses Jae In and Lee Ahn discover their past is more entwined than they thought. Together they try to overcome their past trauma and find healing and love.

Because so much of this drama depends on the slow reveal and plot twists, I don’t want to reveal any more in this review. If you are someone who enjoys a good crime mystery and doesn’t mind a few intense scenes with violence and blood, then this is a great drama to check out. It’s a unique premise that keeps you engaged. The acting is good all around and the character reveals and growth is well done.

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