Healer Season 2 (Release Date, Casts)

Healer kdrama

Healer is one of the exciting Korean drama which and many fans of this drama are eagerly waiting for Healer season 2 as well.

This drama is a mix of action, thriller and surely romance as well. The first episode of this drama was released on 2014 and it lasted for about 3 months. There are over 20 episodes in this drama and each episodes is more than 50 minute run time.

This K-drama was written by Song Ji-na and theme music composer of this drama is Lee Pil-ho and Park Jong-mi, everybody on this drama has done perfect from acting to emotions to everything is just perfect.

The main protagonist of this drama is three persons and all this drama revolves around them, three persons are from very different background and unknown to each other. But one murder case which was took place 10 years ago was revived.

Healer Season 2 Release Date

You can watch Healer season 1 in KBS2 but what about season 2? The ending of this drama was very satisfying and very nice making it no need of season 2.

So, probably there won’t be season 2 and everything has finished well in this season, many people also don’t expect season 2 of this drama.

The ending of this drama has every questions answered which arises on a viewers mind after watching this drama. Conclusion, there is not gonna be season 2 of this drama.

Healer Season 1 Casts

  • Chang-Wook Ji as Seo Jung-Hoo
  • Min-Young Park as Chae Young-shin
  • Ta-mi as Kang Dae-Yong
  • Ji-won Do as Choi Myung-Hee
  • Sung-Bum Jang as Lee Jong-Soo
  • Gyu-Su Jeong as Secretary Oh

These are some of the main casts of this drama. Every actors of this drama has done their best to make this drama great.

Healer Season 1 Plot Story

As we already mention there are three main role players on this drama and their name is Healer, he is a strange guy.

Chae Young-shin is a reporter and a famous journalist Kim Moon-ho.

The incident was took place in 1992 when five young boys run a illegal pro-democracy broadcasting station, which led to death of two young boys.

So, this three persons wants to find out the truth about this incident in detail but it is not so easy because it is related to politics and there are many hidden mysteries with lots of risk which you will enjoy watching this K-Drama.

There is also a love story between Healer and a woman, they realize that they were meet for purpose and they both got a same fate and same past as well, but don’t have parents. Everything is perfect you will surely enjoy it, there is no any gap this drama has left to satisfy it’s viewers at any cost.

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  1. Not very question is answered in the drama since there things that remain unsettled .for instance the mother daughter relationship is still in limbo I mean does choi Ryun -hee finally find out that chat young chin is Oh ji-un and how does she react?

    What happens to Kim Mun sik does he finally pay for betraying his friends and all the other bad things he did?

    What about Secretary ho does he pay for his evil deeds?

    What about Boss does he just go scoot free and is not brought to book ?

    Doesn’t Kim Mom hoo get his happily ever after ,Imean considering he has pre-occupied for 20 years trying to find out the truth about his friends death and the lost Oh ji-un at the expense of his own happiness ,the guy at least deserves a happy ending .

    What about ,Yoon Dong -Won the guys at least deserves a commendation for being a good cop devote to the truth.

    Does Ms Jo get a replacement for healer ?

    Does Healer get his deserted Island now that the has found the love of his life?

    Sorry about any typos in the names am not Korean so my apologises .I think concerns raised above are genuine and should be answered in the least .Am quite certain my sentiments are representative of many fans world with .

    If you won’t produce a season 2 the least you can do is release a book to answer these questions for your viewers .

    Thanks .

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