Hee-chul has never ridiculed TWICE Nayeon! Ha Seung Jin apologizes again …

Ha Seung-jin, a former basketball player, apologized for having a private conversation with SUPER JUNIOR member Hee-chul on his YouTube channel. Hee-chul is also inundated with criticism due to Ha Seung-jin’s careless remarks.

Ha Seung-jin made a live stream on Twitch, a live streaming platform provided by Amazon.com, and mentioned the story of a drinking party with Hee-chul.

“I had a drink with Hee-chul the other day. Do you know who Hee-chul is dating?” He said, suggesting TWICE member Momo.

Ha Seung-jin said at a drinking party, “I made fun of Hee-chul showing a picture of Nayeon and having a similar face to me.”

After that, Ha Seung Jin’s remarks spread rapidly through each online community, and when criticisms flooded against Ha Seung Jin who mentioned the real names of Hee Chul, Momo, and Nayeon, Ha Seung Jin passed through his YouTube channel on the early morning of the 9th. Posted an apology.

Ha Seung-jin wrote in an apology saying, “Last week, I mentioned the real names of Hee-chul, Momo, and Nayeon during the live broadcast of Twitch, which made me feel uncomfortable. I contacted the parties and apologized. ” However, Ha Seung Jin deleted the apology a few hours later

Hee-chul explained to the fan community when Ha Seung-jin’s remarks flooded Hee-chul with criticism.

It is true that Hee-chul mentioned Nayeon at the drinking party, but he never said that Ha Seung-jin and Nayeon have similar faces. Ha Seung-jin contacted Hee-chul after the live stream of Twitch and told him that he would be responsible for resolving the commotion caused by his remarks. So I made it clear to SNS that I didn’t explain the matter separately.

Ha Seung Jin’s remarks only made things worse, but Ha Seung Jin did not respond to media reports after deleting the apology.

This is not the first time Ha Seung Jin has made a mistake. He proudly said on his YouTube channel that he was often told that he looked like Nayeon.



Ha Seung-jin often introduced comments on YouTube videos, but he enjoyed the situation while saying, “Please stop,” to the comment that his face is similar to Nayoung.

On September 11, Ha Seung-jin, who had not responded to media criticism so far, revealed the reason why he deleted the apology through his SNS.

Ha Seung-jin said, “The reason for deleting the apology this time is that the parties did not want the problem to grow any further, so the apology was deleted because there was a request to delete it.”

He also explained the remarks on the problem at that time. “When I was drinking with Hee-chul, Nayeon talked about me for a while, but I didn’t make any fun or demeaning remarks. I caused a lot of trouble by exaggerating the expression on the live broadcast. First of all, I would like to apologize to the fans again.

Hee-chul, Momo, and Nayoung were widely featured in the media due to Ha Seung-jin’s careless remarks, and even a disagreement was raised. Ha Seung-jin couldn’t have predicted that the lies he had made to talk about his YouTube channel would make things worse.

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