Hellbound Season 2 Release Date Spoliers, Cast, Trailer And Plot

hellbound season 2

Hellbound is an excellent Korean Drama. It came out on Netflix in 2021. The series is already proving to be one of the most successful series in Netflix. While Netflix still has to determine the future of this series, there is a rumor of the much anticipated second season of the show.

Hellbound is actually a horror series. It is written and directed by Yeon Sang-Ho. The series is actually an adaption of a popular South Korean webtoon called Hell. It is one of the biggest K-Dramas on Netflix. It is second to Squid Game only! Imagine that.

Netflix hasn’t said anything about the second season of Hellbound but since the first season was very epic, we could be expecting a second season pretty soon.

Is Hellbound a massive show?

Yes. Hellbound has performed very well in Netflix. It has been viewed all over the world. The show has been made into the list of 90 different countries. In addition, many countries have seen the show on the Number One Spot. And many others have featured the show in Top 3.

You can expect her news of Hellbound renewal in the following weeks and months. Maybe after two-three weeks, we might see an announcement from Netflix.

When can we realistically see Hellbound Season 2?

Netflix hasn’t renewed Hellbound till now. The official renewal date is yet to come. But we can use the production of the first season to give us a guess. Hellbound might be coming to Netflix in the near future.

The production team filmed the first season between 2020’s September to 2021’s January. In just 14 months, Netflix managed to film and release the show. This means that if Hellbound season 2 starts filming in 2022, we might see it on Netflix in early 2023. Fingers crossed for that!

Maybe Netflix will renew the series soon enough and then we can get the exact release date!

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