Hello Me! Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Casts

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Hello Me! Season 1 was released on February 17, 2021, and it was first premiered in KBS2 and later on Netflix. This drama is based on the novel called ‘Fantastic Girl’ which was written by Kim Hye-Jung and was released in 2011.

This K-drama is a mix of fantasy, romance, and comedy so, this kdrama is good to go, in the story, there was a 37 years old woman whose name was Ban Ha Ni and she is the protagonist of this drama. She has played a very interesting role as one frustrated woman who was tired of her own life.

But one day she meets her enthusiastic, passionate, and motivated 17 years old herself after she met her young ones she started to heal herself and tried to become stronger and also learns to love.

So, this is the basic storyline of this kdrama we need to watch it completely to understand the story and to entertain ourselves. Those who had completely watched this drama might be thinking of its season 2.

Will there be Hello Me! Season 2?

To this day neither the production house nor Netflix has made any official announcement regarding this kdrama so, still, we are unclear if there will be Hello Me! season 2.

Also, remember kdrama barely gets its renewable because many times the story gets to end in season 1. Anyway, fans are very excited and they had told that this kdrama has motivated them to increase their self-esteem.

In Season 1 the main character started to learn how to love and she even started to share the love with the world and with her old grandparents. Everything was fine in the ending she learned the lesson so, there is very little chance that we may get this drama season 2.

Anyway, if the production house will plan to create this drama season 2 anytime soon then still, it needs some years so, we can expect to get this drama by the end of 2022.

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