Is Hello My Twenties 2 (aka Age of Youth 2) Worth Watching?

Hello My Twenties 2

Sequel to Season 1. Five girls living in the same apartment during college navigate their personal struggles together. It’s notable to mention that two of the girls from Season 1 didn’t return: Park Hye-Su & Ryu Hwa-young. In the former case, another girl (Ji Woo) was cast to replace her character. In the latter case, a whole different character was created played by Choi Ara.

(Actors: Park Eun-bin, Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-Yeon, Ji Woo, Choi Ara)


Started watching this on a whim cause I couldn’t work up the motivation to watch other dramas on my watchlist. I had seen Season 1 a few years ago so I honestly don’t remember that well what had happened (and my review was very sparse in detail) but they tell you enough that you don’t really need to watch Season 1 in order to enjoy Season 2. At some point, I may go back and rewatch parts of Season 1 and update my review LOL. Okay, on to the actual drama. No spoilers below.

It starts with a cameo by Ryu Hwa-young who abruptly announces that she’s moving to another city to open a store. The girls mourn her leaving and then go an entire 8 months without finding a replacement due to their pickiness and cliques which deters other girls. Finally, the landlord tells them to find someone or her friend who will move in with them. They don’t want to live with an 이모 so they get their act together and accept the first girl who knocks on their door – Jo Eun (played by Choi Ara).

This drama has some mystery elements in it, similar to the first season, and one mystery is why Jo Eun wanted to live in the house. She treats all the girls coldly and doesn’t try to socialize at all. She actually goes to a different college and is tall with a page boy haircut, giving her the appearance of a boy since she dresses in mostly black jeans and oversized t-shirts. She had randomly found a hate letter and it was addressed to the apartment (but not to any specific girl), so her motive for living there is to find out who the letter is addressed to.

Jin-Myung (played by Han Ye-ri) is the oldest of the girls and has been working several part-time jobs since college but now has to find a full-time job and get her career going. She interviews at a ton of places but manages to land a position at an entertainment company, possibly because of her lack of knowledge/disinterest in the idols that the company represents. It made me think they hired her cause they knew she wasn’t there to stalk any idols and just do her work? I don’t know haha. Her struggles (besides working long hours) are accidentally befriending an idol in a failing boy group.

Ye-Eun (played by Han Seung-Yeon) has the most pitiful storyline. She was abused by her boyfriend in the first season and was so traumatized that she took a semester off and is now afraid to go anywhere alone. She recruits friends and her roommates to walk her to/from school and does her best to hide behind her long hair and avoid everyone. Her trauma is sad to see because at home with her roommates she is so lively and relaxed. She thinks she is getting better but starts receiving threatening texts and notes which leaves her constantly on edge thinking it’s from her ex or someone else that hates her. When the anonymous hate letter found by Jo Eun is revealed, she assumes it’s for her because she feels she has a personality that people hate.

Eun-Jae (played by Ji Woo) is the most pathetic character in this drama. She’s single and pining after her ex who is in the same classes as her. Everyone knows they broke up and they make it awkward. The problem is, she still loves him and spends the whole drama trying to get him back. It’s not a unique storyline, but something about the actor really annoyed me so I hated seeing her being so pathetic. I honestly really wish Park Hye-Su had reprised this role because I might not have been so annoyed with the storyline if she had.

Lastly, there’s Ji-won (played by Park Eun-bin). She has a bright personality and loves to tell white lies (and sometimes not-so-white lies) but she has a mystery of her own to solve. She keeps getting flashbacks of a friend she had in 3rd grade and she spends the entire drama trying to track down this girl (she couldn’t even remember her name). I liked her character the best because she was very cheerful and bright but also caring and serious when needed to be.

I won’t spoil any of the mysteries I mentioned above, but they definitely were interesting! When I finished the drama, I found myself wishing they would make a season 3. I know this probably won’t happen, but I kinda wanted to know what happened with some of the side stories – some were so cute!

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