Hongseok (Pentagon) Facts and Profile

hongseok pentagon

Hongseok is a South Korean singer and actor, he’s also a part of the boy group named Pentagon. He is under Cube entertainment.

Stage Name: Hongseok (홍석)

Birth Name: Yang Hong Seok (양홍석)

Chinese Name: Liáng Hóng-shuò (梁洪硕)

Birthday: April 17, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height: 180 cm (5’11″)

Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)

Nationality: Korean

Hongseok whose original name is Yang hong-Seok was born in Seoul South Korea.  His family consists of him, his parents, and an older brother whose name is Jun-Seok. He always didn’t live in Korea, for about 11 years he lived in the USA, China, and Singapore. He did his schooling in Hwa Chong international school from 2007 to 2020 and was a top swimmer in the whole school. He can also speak more than one language, he can speak Korean, Chinese, and English. Hongseok is also a big fitness avid and works out very often.

Even though he is now under cube entertainment, before that he joined Yg entertainment in 2014 and even participated in the reality show called mix and match as a member of Team B. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it to the finals and was eliminated in the final episode. He left YG entertainment in march of 2015 and in the same year in July joined CUBE entertainment.

Like other pentagon members, he too participated in the show that helped make pentagon, Pentagon maker. As we know he did make it to the final and was selected to debut as a member of a pentagon. He made his debut on Oct 10th of 2016. The title of their debut song was “Gorilla”. He debuted as the main vocalist of the group.

After a year, in Nov 2017, like his fellow members, he too made his acting debut in the movie which was called The love that’s left. In July of 2018, he joined a Chinese show where celebrities would seek students and tutor them. the show was called visiting tutor and Hongseok taught Chinese to his students. In the same year, in the month of September, he again participated in another reality show called real man 300 which was about celebrities participating in the military.

In March of 2019, he starred as a co-actor in the TV drama called the best chicken, and in March of the same year, he did his first web drama called on the campus. Like these, Hongseok did a lot of activities outside his idol life, the shows that he has participated in are, law of the jungle in Myanmar, the king of the masked singer, the twenty-twenty, Phoenix 2020, move to heaven, blue birthday. he also appeared in his bandmate’s ‘Magazine ho’s) videos and they two sang covers together.

Hongseok has also done a lot of charity work, In 2019 there was a big trend of ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE, where celebrities would do the challenge and donate money to charities. He too participated in the challenge and he worked with the Seungil hope foundation to raise awareness about ASL. About 42 million Korean won was raised from the event and all of the proceeds were given to build Lou Gehring’s nursing hospital in South Korea.

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