Hospital Playlist Season 2 Release Date (Review)

Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist is one of the best K-Drama ever to come out from Korea. This show is a tear jerker but you also feel really happy while watching it. You can also relate with the characters and be really impressed by the show.

The show is licensed to Netflix and the director is Shin Won Ho, it is written by screenwriter Lee Woo Jung and the first season ran for twelve episodes. The series became the highest rated cable dramas in Korea’s history.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Release Date

The hit K-Drama was a really big deal on Netflix. Fans have waited a really long time for the season 2 but it is coming now. Finally!

It is reported that the Hospital Playlist Season 2 is coming this month on Netflix. Yes, the month of June! We can expect quality in the second season as well.

Fans will be really pumped up to know that the director Won Ho makes his return for the second season. He has been the driving force behind the success of this show and his growth has been nothing but awe inspiring. Anyway, the show will be coming to Netflix in June and if you haven’t watched it, we really recommend you do!

This show is quite awesome with incredible acting, a really nice plot. Impressive cinematography, a wide variety of plot points and just a feel good happy factor to it. It is really worth your time. So, invest in it and you will not be disappointed.

Review of Hospital Playlist


Hospital Playlist revolves around and provides us with the stories of doctors and nurses who are working at the Yulje Medical center. The TV shows follows the life of 5 doctors who have been friends since their medical college days in 1999. The best part about the story is the well written dialogues and an easy to follow plot. It is pretty great overall.


All the actors do a wonderful job in this show. Their acting is quite great and the overall expressions and naturality in their tone of voice is something to be admired. If you like seeing people act naturally in a natural surrounding, this show is the best for you.


The director of this series is the incredible Shin Won Ho, he is known for making great shows in Korea and his body of work speaks for itself. He is known for making  really top quality shows in Korea.

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