Hui (Pentagon) Facts and Profile

hui pentagon

Hui is a South Korean idol and the leader of the boy group Pentagon. The group is managed by CUBE entertainment.

Stage Name: Hui (후이)

Birth Name: Lee Hoe Taek (이회택)

Birthday: August 28, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: 172 cm (5’7″)

Weight: 57 kg (125 lbs)

Nationality: Korean

Hui was born in Hwancheon, south Korea. He completed his high school at Morden k academy and wanted to complete his university at Hanyang university but was rejected. Hui’s mother was also an English teacher professionally. he also owns a dog who is named happy. Before he joined cube entertainment he was a trainee at JYP entertainment. He was placed 1st in best male vocal in JYPE 7th audition final round.

After training for 9 years he debuted as the leader of a pentagon. He also holds positions such as lead dancer, and main vocalist. He made his debut on Oct 10th, 2016.  His story of getting accepted as a member of the pentagon goes, that he got accepted after he completed his pentagon graph. He also has appeared in other artists’ MV such as Rain’s Rain effect and G.NA secret Mv. The net show” breakers” is where he won 1st place.

He also participated in King of a masked singer but was unfortunately eliminated in the 3rd round. Hui has also produced his own songs such as swim good which he performed in breakers with Somin and KARD.

Hui is also a very detailed person and keeps eye on every single detail while recording songs so it can take up to 12 hours when they’re recording a song with hui. He has also composed songs for other artists such as Never which he composed for produce101. ‘Energetic” which he produced for Cwanna one which made it their debut track and won him a lot of awards.

He also helped compose songs for BVNDIT  which was called dramatic. He also helps composes many songs for his own group. He was previously also part of Triple H which was the subunit consisting of E’dawn and Hyuna. Another artist that he composed songs for is Kerisha Chu. the song’s name was like paradise. Hyenas on the keyboard are the song he appeared on. Hui was also said to be in a relationship with (G)I-DLE’s Soojin which was confirmed by his label. Unfortunately, the pair have already broken up. He has already gone for his military service, he enlisted on Feb 18 20201. But he was supposed to enlist on Dec 3 2020 but because of his quarantine, it got postponed.

As more of his personal life and personality, he can play the piano and acts like a maknae of the group, and does a lot of Aegyo. He also says he can’t live without his headphones. Hui is also a self-proclaimed the strongest member since he has the most money.

He is also not a big texter and doesn’t often respond to texts because he doesn’t use his phone a lot. He can speak a little bit of English even though he isn’t good at it. snow crab is a food he can eat for the rest of his life. Charisma is one of the most important qualities of a leader. when he was a teenager he used to live in china and competed in a show called Chinese idol while he was there.

He also has a very big interest in fashion and trends. He was also in the show called flower soccer where he played soccer games. “Like this” is a song that he loves to perform. He also cannot eat foreign foods which he revealed in the pentagon Philippines promotion. He also has a wish that he had super powers where he had the ability to create anything.

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