Hwasa (MAMAMOO) Profile and Facts

Hwasa mamamoo

Stage Name: Hwasa (화사)

Birth Name: Ahn Hye-jin (안혜진)

Birthday: July 23, 1995

Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)

Height: 162 cm (5’3¾”) [Official] / 160 cm (5’3″)

Instagram: @_mariahwasa

Hwasa Facts

Hwasa was born in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea and her birth date is 1995. In her family members there are two sisters who are elder than her.

She completed her education from Wonkwang Information Arts High School and when she was kid MAMAMOO member, Wheein was also on same school on her middle school days.

Hwasa is very talented girl and in past she was also record guide vocals for Korean band 4Minute.

She has also composed “My Heart/I Do Me” on MAMAMOO’s first mini-album, “Hello”.

“Pink Funky” album was one of the successful album, where she has also composed a song “Freakin Shoes“. In the program King of Masked Singer, she appeared as Aerobic girl dress up.

Hwasa has also said that when she was young her first crush was on her social studies teacher, and she also said that she is still contact with her teacher till now.

Her hobbies are listening to old Jazz music and cooking. She also said that her role model is Rihanna. On her career days she used to live alone without family members for 3 years.

She loves animal but she can’t have pet because she is allergic to animal’s fur also, she has a pet lion but not real lion. Whenever, other band member started to share topic about their animal she talk about her lion LOL!

She was featured in High 4-20’s “HookGa”, Phantom’s “Fingernail”, Baechigi’s “Boy Jump” and in Romance’s “SHE”.

She is also permanent member of the show “I Live Alone” which is very popular in Korea. Hwasa has also released her solo song TWIT  in 2019.

Hwasa also listed as the Rookie Female of the Year and won MBC Ent. Award for her very awesome work at “I Live Alone”.

Hwasa is also member of project girl group Refund Sisters / Refund Expedition since, October 2020.

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