I Live Alone – Ep 222 Recap

i live alone ep 222

Hey-jin is first shown doing some modeling on the street. She’s experienced and comes off as very professional. Once she’s done, she rushes back to her hotel room to change for a fashion show. It’s fashion week in NY and she’s been invited to a show for the first time – also in the front row which is a big deal. She gets seated next to someone I actually recognize – Leandra Cohen (who was known for the Man Repeller media brand). As they show her watching the show, back in the studio she shares with the crew that she felt a wave of emotions during the show. She had lived in New York from 2006-2008 and worked as a runway model herself, so to be back in New York watching runway models ten years later was a bit bittersweet for her. She tells everyone she felt like crying during the show because she feels like her time has passed.

i live alone ep 222

HHJ is 3rd from the right. Leandra Cohen has a pink sweater.

After thanking the designer, she heads to meet a friend Kwok who was actually her first manager in New York. He gushes over her and says he knew she was going to make it big because she just had the model look and attitude right from the start even though she was living in New York and didn’t speak English. I have to say that during this segment, whenever she did speak English, her accent was very good.

Next on her agenda is meeting a friend Yoon Ae-ri (a stylist) for dinner. She has her adorable son with her and they find a restaurant to eat at in Koreatown. Hye-jin talks about how she has such mixed feelings being back in New York again because when she lived there as a model she had such a hard time trying to make it. She faced discrimination because she was Asian and also struggled with the language barrier. I really felt sorry for her hearing about her past struggles. It must’ve been very hard to be in a foreign city, especially such a busy one as New York City. Maybe there weren’t any other Korean models in her circle that she could bond with or lean on. When they showed old clips of her walking on the runway, all the other models were not Asian.

In the next segment, the film crew catching Kim Sa-rang also doing modeling in NYC. I guess she is a big name cause she has been featured on the show before and talks about how people are more willing to approach her since previously they thought she was snobby. They show her doing some of her modeling on the streets, and she definitely is pretty!

i live alone ep

Afterward, she and her staff go to a farmer’s market to get some fruits because they’ve been staying in a hotel for a while, and living on to-go food or hotel food is not satisfying during an extended stay (I totally feel her on this one). Anyway, she buys a bunch of different fruits from a vendor but when they go back to the hotel and wash them, they find everyone is bitter or unripe. They act good-natured about it, but I would be super unhappy if I were them!

In the last segment, we see Henry on a day off at his apartment. He notices his plants are all dying because he was away on tour for so long, so he starts watering and trimming them and even plays a little violin to cheer them up. Then he decides what he wants to do for the day, which is biking at the Han River, kayaking, and having a relaxing time. He gets up and leaves his apartment but doesn’t even clean up the plant trimmings!

The first stop on his agenda is to get a new bike because his previous one was stolen from the apartment garage. The thief had left a super old bike in its place, so Henry wasn’t sure whether to be angry with the thief or not. But a few days later, the old bike went missing too hah! He goes to a bike shop where he’s friendly with the owner and gets the same bike as before and all the gear that goes with it. The owner had to measure his height and we learn he is 177 cm without shoes on (5’-9 1/2”).


He starts his bike ride on his fresh new bike and is having a great time when it suddenly starts pouring rain! He takes shelter and is waiting for a long time but the rain continues to pour, so he calls the weather service and asks the customer service person when it will stop raining in his area. The lady says 4 pm. I’m not sure what time it is when he calls, but after a bit, he decides he just has to go for it and begins biking in the rain. He stops at another shelter where other people are also huddled. He’s definitely not afraid to be seen in public, as a bunch of middle school-aged girls recognizes him and he jokes around with them and takes a selfie.

It eventually does stop raining and he continues his ride along the Han River, saying hello to strangers as he passes them and even asks couples if they’re on dates and cheers them on LOL. This guy is just way too wholesome! He stops at a convenience store to buy ramen and jjapaguri but he prepares it all wrong because he puts in all the seasoning plus the egg before the hot water. The Rainbow Club members groan as they watch him ruin his food, but he still eats it happily and even invites another guy who’s eating alone to join him and eat together. Seriously, this guy just makes friends with everyone.

He keeps biking along to his next destination which is the kayak rental place. I seriously didn’t think he was still going kayaking due to the rain, but sure enough, he is and a handful of other people are renting kayaks as well. They paddle out in time to see the sunset and we see the sky get dark and the Seoul skyline light up. It’s really pretty and would be so cool to see in person! Henry gets a little sad though since he’s by himself, so he video calls his mom to show her what he’s doing and that they can do it together one day. He tells the Rainbow Club that he feels sad for not spending enough time with his family and that every time he sees his mom she gets shorter and gains more grey hairs.

I Live Alone Episode 221 Recap

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