I Live Alone Episode 221 Recap

Original airdate: November 2017

The episode starts off showing the rest of Si-eon’s time with his Busan friends. They head to the Han River but it’s pretty empty due to the rain. The guys buy a mat and some ramen and have a little picnic. After their meal, they head to Building 63 to visit the aquarium and the observation deck.

Once they’re done, it’s nighttime and they head back to Si-eon’s apartment where Won-Seok cooks them all dinner. After eating, the two guests pull gifts for Si-eon out of their backpacks (they were carrying it around all day!). Si-eon is gifted a Star Wars alarm clock (he loves toys), a Bluetooth mic, and a mini record player. Won-Seok even brought some records to play on it and they have a great time listening to all the oldies. Their friendship is heartwarming and they talk about how they’ll be friends for a long time.

Back in the studio, the Rainbow club is about to view the next segment in the episode, but Hyun-moo interrupts and says he’s run into viewers near his home who are most curious about the fashion battle between him and Kian84. Since it was tied 1-1, they must have a tie-breaker right now. So each man struts his stuff down the “runway” and Si-eon, Na-rae, and Hye-jin each vote. It’s a sweep in favor of Kian84! He wins the fashion battle and jokingly offers to be Hyun-moo’s stylist. LOL.

Kian84 (right) wins the fashion battle over Hyun-moo (left)

Now we move onto the second half of the episode with Na-rae hosting Kian84 and Choong-jae at her home. They had finished eating and move back downstairs to the apartment, where Choong-jae offers to make cocktails because he used to work as a bartender in his 20s. He first makes non-alcoholic mojitos and everyone gulps it down, saying it’s tasty. Na-rae then asks him to make her a margarita, but after looking at the ingredients available to him, he says he can make a cosmopolitan. Kian84 awkwardly asks for a ‘sex on the beach’ and everyone cringes. Oh, Kian.

After they’ve had their drinks, they move to the sitting area where Choong-jae offers to do a test on them. He has them draw a picture that has certain elements in it. Based on how they drew the elements, it says things about their personalities. He says Na-rae loves herself but doesn’t open up easily to others. Kian84 is the exact opposite and he also has a large sexual appetite. LOL. Talk about awkward.

Kian’s on the left, Na-rae’s on the right

Kian then offers to do a portrait of two of them. He is an artist after all. He has them pose in front of him and many Titanic references are made, but his drawing comes out quite well except for the fact that Na-rae’s head is almost twice as large as Choong-jae. You can tell she’s quite offended but laughs it off in a joking manner. Oh, Kian.

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