Jennie, Irene and Nancy Deepfake Used in Pornography

Recently, a photo was uploaded to an online community under the title “Deepfake of a famous female idol”. Photos posted to the online community show a famous female idol and a naked man. The problem is that all of these photos are composites, not real ones. Using clever editing techniques, he produced scenes such as hugging and kissing with famous female idols. In addition, there are composite photographs reminiscent of sexual relationships, such as having money behind an idol lying in bed.

◈ Deepfake is
a term that combines “deep learning” and “fake” Deepfake is a synthetic medium created using deep learning technology. Although it may not have been synthesized for apparently malicious purposes, there are moral and legal concerns about manipulating media with real human images, videos, and sounds. Deepfake can be used for cyberbullying, defamation, and intimidation. In 2017, deepfake porn with celebrity faces on AV videos became a big trend and was shared on Reddit and many porn sites.

Recently, malicious sexual content has been disseminated using the faces of famous girl group members.


For example, in the FANCY video of TWICE, the face of TWICE Sana was changed to the face of BLACKPINK Rose.

Changed Tzuyu’s face to Red Velvet’s Joy’s face.

Deepfake technology has developed so much that it is not possible to distinguish between the actual original video and the deepfake video. Many internet users who saw this responded that they were scared and got goose bumps.


According to South Korean news, it has been confirmed that 96% of the purposes of online deepfake are pornography, which shows how much this technology is being abused.


Specific measures and precautions need to be taken to minimize damage to those who use deepfake with malicious intent. It is important to develop deepfake detection technology and establish new regulations.

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