In the 4th week of March 2021, the hottest K-POP news TOP3!

Clip K-POP is a collection of K-POP news that has been a hot topic for the week.
This week’s hottest news TOP3. (BTS, IZ * ONE, BLACKPINK)

IZ * ONE Minju, after the dissolution, Kurishachu and girls group debut?

Is the re-contract announcement of “MAMAMOO” agency RBW, Sora and Moonbyul to put pressure on Wheein and Fasa?

5 Best Hyun Bin Dramas Too Perfect ♡ Profile

BLACKPINK’s Lisa, the victim of the $800K fraud, Hopes for an amicable resolution!

Season 2 is already decided! About the popular drama “A smart doctor’s life”!


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