Why Into The Ring is Worth Watching?

into the ring

Into the ring is about Go Se Ra (Nana) a 29-year-old woman who has a hard time holding down a job for very long because of her inability to deal with unfair office politics and is outspoken. Really, she was just standing up for herself. I really don’t think she should have been fired about one of her superiors sexually assaulting her during a company dinner. After a series of events, she ends up being elected as a city councilor as an independent. The irony is real. Someone who can’t deal with office politics put herself in within wolves.

Se Ra initially went into politics because she heard about the cushy salary and she needed the money to bail her mom out of some debt when she got scammed and put their house up as collateral. She didn’t imagine how awful it would be and the kind of bullshit she has to put up with. Despite this, she quickly learns that if she wants anything done, she needs to be able to offer the other person something in return. She also adapts how she deals with everyone else the same way.

This show didn’t really pull me in or was a priority to watch. I kind of stumbled upon it and had nothing else to watch. I was pleasantly surprised. The show is comical and very different from other romantic comedies. Even the camera angles and the sound effects. The cast was well put together.

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I wasn’t expecting much from Na Na because the only other kdrama that I’ve seen her in was Kill It and I wasn’t impressed with her acting. I found her to be really flat in Kill It. She was amazing in this show. She played a complete 또라이 (crazy person or ridiculous person) who was still very loveable and very smart. This role definitely suited her much better. She did not give a shit about what people thought of her or whether or not she was liked. She had her two best friends and her childhood friend/love interest Gong Myung (Park Sung Hoon). She was hell-bent on being fair all the time.

The thing I didn’t like about the female lead character is there seems to be a trend where the woman needs to be loud and obnoxious to be considered strong and maybe misogynists see strong women this way. Goo Se Ra was a little over the top sometimes and there was very little character development from her. The show takes place over the span of a year and there was very little growth to her character. She was able to get elected and promoted based on luck and circumstances.

The story itself was ok. The plot died a little in the middle and dragged on for a bit before it picked up again. From what’s heard from people who work in politics, the dirty tricks and games they played in the show were not far from the truth.

This show is fun and worth watching. I wouldn’t call it a must-watch or binge-worthy. I would give a solid 7 out of 10 mostly because Goo Se Ra is very loveable and the show itself was a well-made comedy.

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