Is 2PM’s Chansung Retiring? He is Getting Married

Chansung 2pm

All of us are humans but some people may think that their favorite idols are not as same as us, certainly, they are popular and are respected and loved by many but that does not mean they don’t need their privacy or family.

Yes, we all human beings need someone close to us who we can call ours and of course, our idols also need their family and many idols retire as they grow older and start a family.

Only in these few months have many K-pop idols including Taeyang of BigBang, Chen of EXO, and Bobby of iKON announced about their wedding and starting family. Similarly, famous band 2PM’s member Chansung has also revealed his girlfriend’s pregnancy and he also stated that he will be marrying soon.

Letter from Chansung


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He shared a message on his official Instagram account where he had written about the pregnancy and getting marriage however fans are now concerned if he’s leaving the band or retiring, why?

Because Chansung also mentioned in the message or letter that this January his contract with JYP will end and he further wrote that after discussing the matter he has decided to leave JYP where he was for about 15 years now.

“In our discussions regarding my choice to pursue my own path, my new family, and the addition of my baby, we made the decision to move forward with my future as the priority, and the company willingly wished for my success.” Chansung wrote in his letter.

Is he leaving 2 PM?

No, according to his letter he is not leaving his band. He is only leaving his label JYP and let’s not forget that another band member and actor Ok Taecyeon is also left the record label JYP in 2018 but he is still part of the band.

Chansung further wrote in the letter, “As 2PM’s youngest member Chansung and actor Hwang Chansung, I will work hard to impress in the near future as I am right now. Thanks!”

Well, even though he is leaving the record label, he will still be the part of 2PM and he is also playing in a drama Show Window: The Queen’s House where he is playing the character of Han Jung-Won and it’s unclear if he will leave the band or group in the future but we as his fans all wish him all the best and good luck for his future.

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