Is BLACKPINK and the disagreement a hoax? (G) I-DLE, Mi-yeon “Lisa is a friend”!

BLACKPINK Lisa and (G) I-DLE Minni are friends of the same age born in 1997 from the same Thailand, and fans should know that they are best friends. (G) I-DLE has another friend of Lisa besides Minnie.


Another friend of the (G) I-DLE members is Mi-yeon, who prepared for his debut while living as a trainee at YG Entertainment. Mi-yeon was born in 1997 and is the same age as Lisa.


Mi-yeon was a leading debut member of BLACKPINK’s predecessor, Pink Punk, while being a YG trainee for five years from the first year of junior high school. However, he was not selected as a debut group and ended up leaving the company.

After leaving the company, Mi-yeon transferred to his current agency, CUBE Entertainment, and made his debut as a member of (G) I-DLE. However, after his debut, Mi-yeon couldn’t see the members of BLACKPINK interacting with each other and being with him on the camera, and there was a hoax that he might have been on bad terms when he was a YG trainee.

Recently, on a radio program, Mi-yeon first mentioned BLACKPINK Lisa on the air and has been attracting attention. (G) I-DLE members Mi-yeon and Minni appeared on SBS radio “Park So-hyun’s love game” broadcast on February 6th.

The radio personality mentioned that there was a “moving cafe insertion” from Lisa at the shooting site of the drama in which Minnie was appearing. In response, Minnie gave Lisa a word of love and a message of

When Minnie thanked Lisa, Mi-yeon, who was next to me, said that I also appeared in the drama, but Lisa didn’t “put in a mobile cafe.” In response to this word, the radio personality told Mi-yeon, “Isn’t it because I’m not the same Thai?” Mi-yeon said, “I’m still lonely even though I’m a friend.”


In response to Mi-yeon’s remarks, the radio personality said, “Then, please leave a comment asking Mi-yeon and Lisa to insert a mobile cafe next time.”

Lisa-chan, please ask me next time. I was a little lonely. but it’s okay.

Mi-yeon’s remarks revealed that the disagreement between BLACKPINK members and Mi-yeon is just a hoax. Next, photos of BLACKPINK members eating together may be released.

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