Is BTOB’s Ilhoon going to be set free?

BTOB's Jung Il-hoon

Jung Ilhoon fans have great news after his recent trial has raised many questions with recent revelations. In December of 2020, the former BTOB member Jung Ilhoon was accused of the habitual consumption of marijuana. As a result, he had to appear in court for the second hearing at the appeals court on October 7.

He was called in for trial, which was held at the 13th Criminal Division of the Seoul High Court as he was arrested on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. He is recently in the military while being reviewed for illegal consumption of marijuana. He had appeared before the court and there are reports that suggest that his sentence could be changed in light of recent developments in the case.

Further developments in Ilhoon’s case

Naver Now has reported that the argument presented by Ilhoon suggested that there was a huge difference in the amount of marijuana he had consumed and the quantity of it that was reported to have been purchased by him. In that report, it is suggested that there was a legal misunderstanding in part of the evidence against him. Also, he was falsely charged with a graver penalty due to “rigged” evidence.

The prosecution has now deleted the part of the indictment against Ilhoon and others involved in the case in response to the opinions of the defense counsel for Ilhoon. Ilhoon has been gaining a lot of attention as the news is rapidly spreading all over the world. He was initially sentenced to two years in prison but now he is set on doing some damage control as he continuously appeals for mercy.

 Ilhoon apologizes to the court

He has already submitted a total of 58 apology letters or reflective statements to the court to minimize the punishment. He apologizes for his past action starting from July 2021 to October 2021 since his case was transferred to the Court of Appeal on June 28. After his first trial, he submitted 20 letters of reflection and his attorney also submitted a statement of opinion citing petitions from Ilhoon’s international fans in support of the idol.

He was charged with conspiring with seven people to remit 133 million won worth of marijuana to an informant 161 times from 5th July 2014 to 9th January 2019, while consuming some of it himself as well. In July 2020, he was charged for violating the Drug Management Act while he was serving as a service worker. After that, he was sent to trial in March upon further investigation.

Ilhoon filed an appeal for four days after he was sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of 133 million won in his first trial on June 10. We all have to wait for further updates about his case as the final hearing will be held on 4th November 2021.

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