Is Espa coming back before Red Velvet?

SM Entertainment’s leading girl group Red Velvet and Espa are preparing for a comeback. The other day, an article was reported that Red Velvet would make a comeback first, but Esper is more likely to make a comeback first.


Recently, the chief engineer at Sonic Korea Mastering Studio posted a spoiler post on his Instagram for the new Espa song. There was no special caption, but I added the hashtag “#aespa new single forever” to imply that the title of the new Espa song is forever. This content was deleted as soon as it became a topic.




forever is one of the unreleased tracks on SM town Winter Station, and Coming Home was already released by NCT ​​U in December 2019. If forever is given to Espa, there will be two more songs, “This is your day” and “White Winter”.




SM Entertainment’s new girl group, Espa, which debuted for the first time in 6 years since Red Velvet, is formed by four members, Karina, Winter, Gisele, and Ninnin, and officially debuted on November 17 with the digital single “Black Mamba”. did. The MV for “Black Mamba” has exceeded 100 million views in the shortest time since its debut song was released.



On January 17th, two months after his debut, Espa won first place in SBS Inkigayo for the first time.




It’s a little disappointing to make a comeback with a single album, but it’s good news for Espa fans because they can listen to new songs sooner than expected. And since the Espa members directly revealed that the new song “forever” is better than “Black Mamba”, I’m looking forward to the announcement of the new song of Espa.


It is said that this new single album will be joined by Espa and four existing members as they are, and that the new members will join in the next comeback mini album. Attention is focused on the future activities of Espa.

Irene, who was criticized for power harassment against the staff, released a second apology and apologized, so Red Velvet was supposed to come back first, but Irene’s apology seems to have been made for the movie release.

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