Is it prohibited to appear on MONSTA X & CRAVITY and Mnet broadcasts?

There are rumors that Mnet has banned idols belonging to STARSHIP Entertainment (hereinafter STARSHIP) from the new year 2021. The reason why the idols belonging to STARSHIP have been banned from appearing is the method of Mnet, which has been used as retaliation every time the idol agency does not listen. It seems that STARSHIP was the target this time.


YG Entertainment has also been with Mnet, but recently settled with Mnet. STARSHIP is a smaller entertainment agency than YG Entertainment, so it can’t be a partner with Mnet from the beginning.

M COUNTDOWN on January 14th made the first live broadcast of the new year, but STARSHIP idol Jeong Se-woon who made a comeback on January 6th should have been on the performer list, but Jeong Se-woon was on the performer list.・ There was no name for Se-woon. Although Jeong Se-woon was from the Mnet audition program “Produce 101”, Jeong Se-woon did not appear


It was revealed in next week’s comeback notice that not only Jeong Se-woon but also STARSHIP singers will be banned from appearing. On Thursday, January 21st, an idol notice to appear on M COUNTDOWN was introduced during this week’s broadcast. ONEUS, who will make a comeback on the 19th, was introduced, but “CRAVITY”, which will make a comeback on the same 19th, had no name in the trailer. In other words, the name is not on the list of line performers.


Cravity is an idol group belonging to STARSHIP. Despite the fact that there are four idols (Jungmo, Mini, Wonjin, Hyunjun) who participated in the Mnet audition program “Produce 101” and two members of X1 (Hyunjun Mini) among the club members. , Mnet seems to have turned down the comeback stage. There are two speculations as to why Mnet uses such a powerful means of retaliation that it is banned from appearing, which is not normally possible.

1. 1. MONSTA X declined to appear on Mnet’s survival show “Road to Kingdom”

In December of last year, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, and THE BOYZ announced that they would perform the first half of 2021 at the same time as the announcement of the appearance of the three teams to broadcast the boy group version of “Queendom” “Road to Kingdom” at MAMA. did. However, negotiations with other boy groups were difficult, and there was even a theory of broadcast production. Mnet asked STARSHIP’s main boy group MONSTA X to appear in “Road to Kingdom”, but it seems that they were quite angry because STARSHIP refused.

2. 2. Jang Won Young and An Yu Jin refuse to extend IZ * ONE contract

Among the members of IZ * ONE, Jang Won Young and Ahn Yu Jin belong to STARSHIP, but IZ * ONE’s contract will expire in April this year. Mnet’s parent company, CJ ENM, has met with its members’ offices to request an extension of the contract.


STARSHIP planned to join a new girl group being prepared by the company when Jang Won Young and Ahn Yu Jin return to their agency after the contract expires. So STARSHIP seems to be reluctant to extend the two IZ * ONE contracts.



Mnet has to offer “Road to Kingdom” more popular idols than Stray Kids and THE BOYZ to make a program, but in reality, such targets are MONSTA X, NCT, SEVENTEEN, GOT7 ( (Cancellation of contract). Most of the idol groups who offered it seemed to decline to appear. It seems that angry Mnet targeted STARSHIP, a small and medium-sized entertainment agency, rather than a major entertainment agency.

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