Is IZ * ONE Sakura Miyawaki an exclusive contract with BTS’s agency Big Hit? Which girl group will join?

Korean media reported that IZ * ONE member Sakura Miyawaki has signed an exclusive contract with BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Big Hit). However, on March 11, Big Hit announced its official position regarding the exclusive contract theory with Sakura Miyawaki, saying that “nothing has been decided.” The Big Hit side revealed the official position that “nothing has been decided”, but Miyawaki Sakura fans think that it is a natural reaction because IZ * ONE has not been dissolved yet.

From the end of last year, Miyawaki Sakura was told that the Chinese side would be flooded with love calls and would choose to go to China, but it seems that he decided to stay in South Korea, which has a solid foundation rather than uncertainty. If Sakura Miyawaki signs an exclusive contract with Big Hit and transfers, it is highly likely that she will join the girls group scheduled to debut this year. Big Hit is not expected to make a solo debut, and a new company name for Big Hit, Gown & Sakura Miyawaki, and a dream combination will be born as members of the HYBE Girls Group.

The Big Hit (HYBE) girls group, which is being prepared by former SM Entertainment visual director Min Hee-jin who transferred to Big Hit, is aiming to debut in 2021, and there are a total of three girls groups debuting at HYBE this year.

<Rumored Girls Group 1>

GFRIEND’s younger sister girls group belonging to SOURCE MUSIC under Big Hit is preparing for their debut.


<Rumored Girls Group 2>

The HYBE Girls Group is a new girls group formed by trainees selected through the 2019 Plus Global Audition and trainees from other existing companies. A girls group being prepared by Min Hee Jin.

<Rumored Girls Group 3>

A girls group belonging to BE: LIFT under Big Hit. I-Land Season 2 A girls group that will be broadcast in the women’s version as early as mid-2021 and debut this year.


Among them, the girl group where Sakura Miyawaki is expected to join is the second HYBE girl group. It is said that he was scouted in the center position in the new girls group because he acted as a double center with Jang Won Young at IZ * ONE.

<Expected members of HYBE Girls Group>

▶Gown-Former SM Trainee, SM Rookies

▶Miwa Sakurai-Participation in the Rainbow Project

Gown hasn’t been updated for the last month of his February 12th post. It is said that he may have entered into full-scale debut preparations.


▶Name: Kim Minji (born 2004)

A trainee whose face was revealed on the plus global audition poster and teaser.


▶Name: Hayon (born 2003)

Relatives of BTS Men Version Guku.


▶Name: Fillon (born 2002)

▶Name: Yun Subin (born 2001)

Former trainee of Woollim Entertainment.

The above trainees have been listed as members of HYBE’s new girls group to date. It is said that Sakura Miyawaki may join the girls group of Big Hit JAPAN instead of the new girls group of HYBE, so after IZ * ONE disbanded in April, the HYBE girls group will remain in Korea. When I return to Japan, I may join the girls group of Big Hit JAPAN.

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