Is SEVENTEEN Mingu’s collage work misogyny? A flood of criticism from women!

The collage work produced by SEVENTEEN member Mingu has been criticized. On the 28th, there is a heated debate on the online community over the collage released by a net user as Mingu’s work.

Collage is one of the painting techniques and means “paste with glue”. Photographs, pictures, letters, etc. are cut out from newspapers, magazines, etc. and pasted on a mount such as drawing paper or Kent paper to make one work.

Mingu’s work, which has been criticized by internet users, includes decapitated women, bloodstained underwear, carved legs, blue breasts and other amputated bodies. ..

On the other hand, many internet users criticized the allegations of “misogyny”, saying that “it is unpleasant to disassemble a woman’s body into pieces and wrap it with art.” Also, in the collage work, you can see a man holding a video camera. There was also an argument that “it seems to be a sexual objectification of the female body without critical consideration of sexual crimes against women.”

In addition to this, some internet users pointed out that “in such a situation, the body of Mingu himself in the collage is dressed properly and the clothes are warmly worn” and “I do not know what the intention is, and even feel strange.” .. On the other hand, there are counterarguments that such an interpretation is an excessive leap. A net user who claimed to be currently involved in art said, “It can be considered controversial depending on the point of view, or it can look like just art.”


Although criticism has been raised over the Mingu collage work, the official position of Mingu has not been announced yet. Also, Instagram, which released this collage for the first time as Mingu’s work, is currently in a state of being switched to private.


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