Is the re-contract announcement of “MAMAMOO” agency RBW, Sora and Moonbyul to put pressure on Wheein and Fasa?


Although the agency is different, all the members of GOT7, who debuted in the same year, have decided to break up without re-contracting with JYP the other day, and fans are more interested in the decision of the members of MAMAMOO. On 22nd May, RBW officially announced the re-contract.

The agency side said, “The current contract period still remains, but I wanted to give the members who believed in me for a long time to think carefully, so I was discussing it from an early stage, and a hoax related to this. We received many inquiries and decided to officially disclose the progress of the re-contract. ”




Sora and Moonbyul successfully renewed their contract based on their trust and expectations.




Wheein and Fasa also said that they were positively exchanging opinions, and that all the members were expected to have positive results because of their great love and pride for MAMAMOO. We see RBW’s announcement as a result of the pressure to re-contract against Wheein and Fasa, who have not yet re-contracted.

It was okay to announce after the results of the re-contract of all the members, but it is the re-contract document to officially announce before the re-contract because of the excuse that all the fans want to know It’s like pushing a stamp quickly. Fasa is currently the best-selling female idol in the industry. It seems that there were love calls from various entertainment companies under very good conditions, but the official announcement of RBW has robbed many of their choices. If Fasa and Wheein do not re-contract, they are likely to be criticized for abandoning their agency or Mamamoo.




The announcement that RBW is in positive discussion is paradoxically like admitting that the re-contract talks with the two members aren’t going well. The agency should not put pressure on the two through the media in this way. RBW even mentioned his love for Mamamoo, even though Fasa and Wheein had to give them the opportunity to choose their future as much as they worked in good faith for seven years in compliance with the contract period. Has been restricted.




MAMAMOO fans want the two to continue to work as members of MAMAMOO, but there are a series of comments saying that they will respect their choices. Fans are interested in what decisions the two will make.

Since debuting in the song world with “Mr. Ambiguous” in June 2014, RBW’s 4-member girl group MAMAMOO has been loved by the qualifier “believe and listen group” by hitting each song released. It was. However, in 2021, when the contract period is the seventh year, Mamamoo members Sora, Moonbyul, Wheein and Fasa have to re-contract with their agency RBW and decide whether to stay in the company or have new options. It doesn’t become.

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