Is YG’s cold treatment only for Jenny and the cause of dating with GD?

After BLACKPINK’s debut, the problem that individual fans of the members appealed to YG Entertainment every time was that their agency gave preferential treatment only to Jenny and the other members treated coldly.

But recently, YG’s attitude towards Jenny has changed. Fans suspect that YG’s relationship with Jennie is the cause of the cold treatment of Jennie.

<Evidence 1>


There is only Jenny’s personal photo on the photo card.

<Evidence 2>

Looking at the photo of BOX PHOTO + RING, only the photo of Jennie is bent.

<Evidence 3>

The other day, YG corrected it by deleting Jenny’s profile picture and name on the sporty pie, but then uploaded only Jenny’s name without a profile picture.

While other BLACKPINK members have a playlist of profile pictures, Jennie has no pictures and Jennie’s name is misrepresented.



After that, the name was corrected.

<Evidence 4>

At the goods shop that YG opened on Amazon’s website, Jennie’s name was not the only item in BLACKPINK’s product description.


The BLACKPINK plush toy of the “Ddu-Du Dau-Du” MV is made up of four members, but the product introduction is “Ddu-Du Dau-Du’s MV of Lisa, Rose, and Jiss wearing iKONIC costumes. The stuffed animal is 3 inches tall, “he said, without Jenny’s name. Fans are confused by YG’s actions as to whether Jenny, who has always been a member of the agency and was the target of jealousy, is suddenly treated like this.

Fans do not think that such a series of mistakes is a simple mistake of YG. As if to expect this, Jenny’s fans sent a demo truck in front of YG in early March. After the enthusiastic theory with GD, there were voices calling for the artist’s privacy protection as well as ensuring future activities.

◈ Official schedule of 2021 BLACKPINK members

▶Rose-solo debut

▶Ji Soo-drama appearance, solo debut

▶Lisa-Appeared as a mentor in the Chinese version of Seishun Uni and made her solo debut

▶Jenny-No fixed schedule

YG has not announced any plans for Jenny’s personal activities.

So did YG suddenly change his attitude toward Jennie, who was treated like a princess? I don’t see any other reason other than dating with GD. On February 24, when the two became an official couple by Dispatch, the official position of the agency YG was that “it is difficult for the company to confirm the personal privacy of the artist.” In a Dispatch article, it was reported that the people around the top star couple had known the relationship between the two for some time.


Dispatch never informs the agency of dating in advance. If I did that, the company had already blocked the relationship between the two. The agency cannot grasp the individual romance of the idols.

From YG’s point of view, fans suspect that the company’s best-selling product, GD & Jennie’s dating, has changed its attitude towards Jennie because it has been betrayed so well. YG did not respond to this when the enthusiastic theory flowed as the fans insisted. I’m just taking various steps to put pressure on Jenny.

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