“Itaewon Idol”, BTS Jong-Kook became the Target of the Media Barrage!

BTS JongKook has been under daily media fire.

It has been confirmed that BTS member John Guk is among the four famous idols in Itaewon, Seoul, who were infected with the new coronavirus one after another.

Recently, it became known that members of the K-POP idol friendship group called “97th Party”, BTS JongKook, ASTRO Cha Unu, NCT Jae Hyun, and SEVENTEEN Mingyu had a drinking party at a bar in Itaewon when they were “keeping their social distance”, which caused ripples.

The four idols had a drinking party in Itaewon on the night of April 25 and early morning of April 26, when the new corona was on its way to convergence, but not during the period when the “social distance” was lifted.

It was reported in the media that the four idols had a drinking party in Itaewon, and when the criticism grew, BIGHIT Entertainment (BIGHIT), BTS’ office, said, “It is true that JongKook visited Itaewon. He revealed, “There is no excuse in terms of failing to clearly recognize the severity of maintaining social distance as an artist’s agency and placing more emphasis on protecting the privacy of the artist.

He added, “JongKook himself is also deeply remorseful for not faithfully participating in social efforts to maintain his social stance.

However, the official announcement of BIGHIT was closer to an excuse than an apology.

BIGHIT’s official announcement had the opposite effect of further increasing criticism of JongKook.

BTS ◈ There are 3 major reasons why JongKook is being criticized.

1. An apology close to the excuse of the office to which he belongs

The office said that there is no excuse, but the content of the official announcement was content to receive the impression that “I don’t know why I’m being criticized, even though I’m not doing anything bad”.

As a result, criticism of Jongkook has taken a hit up.

2. No word of apology from Jong-Kook himself.

Many of the public pointed out that the artist himself did not apologize directly.

JongKook took to BTS’s official SNS to send a message of support to the public for overcoming the new Corona, saying, “It’s time for trust rather than anxiety and comfort rather than anger. It was an encouraging message for those who were put in a difficult situation by the new Corona. However, JongKook himself neglected to keep the social distance, and became an object of scolding because he had a drinking party.

ASTRO Cha Woong Inu, who participated in a drinking party with JongKook, apologized to the public and fans in a handwritten letter.

JongKook only got an apology from his office instead, and there was no word of apology from him.

3. The public is outraged by this

JongKook had a car accident a few months ago that sent the media into a frenzy.

On December 6 last year, JongKook was sent to the prosecution with an indictment opinion on charges including violations of the Road Traffic Law and the Special Law for Handling Traffic Accidents. Jong-Guk is suspected of violating a traffic signal, turning left and crashing into a taxi near Hannam five-way in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, at around 4:00 a.m. on October 31.

At the time, a police official explained, “JongKook reached a settlement with the victim, but under the Act on Special Measures for the Handling of Traffic Accidents, the case fell under 12 gross negligence and was referred to the court with an opinion on the charges.


Traffic accidents are settled even if the settlement of the Traffic Accident Processing Special Act on 12 gross negligence is punished so severely that it falls under the prosecution was sent to the prosecution in the opinion of the prosecution JongKook news shocked many fans.

JongKook was sent to the prosecutors for a traffic accident, and BTS’s image took a big hit.

Because of this incident, JongKook has been perceived as a ‘Itaewon Idol’ with a bad image.

It also created the image of a troublemaker.

In addition, the bad news came after the fact that he had a drinking party at Itaewon during his seochal distance, and even a national petition from the presidential office appeared on May 18, when a petition was posted on the national petition board at Cheong Wa Dae’s office with the title “Please retrieve BTS Jong-Guk’s Cultural Medal.

The petitioner argued that the treatment Jong-Guk showed while many people were trying to defeat the new Corona was a treatment that disregarded the efforts of the people and the medical team, and that it was not consistent with the purpose of the medal.

BTS was awarded the Order of the Flower Crown Culture in recognition of its contribution to the development of popular culture and art in 2018.

This petition posting has now been removed.

Because BTS is a global star that is recognized around the world, their every move is the subject of public attention.

In that sense, there is no doubt that Jongk’s actions have been a great disappointment to the people.

However, many people are of the opinion that “JongKook’s behavior was certainly problematic, but it’s a pity that he was criticized so much by the media.

Every human being makes mistakes. It is important to see how we can overcome that and how we can accept and deal with the criticism this time.

It should be remembered that the world’s attention to Jongk is such that the moral yardstick will have to be even tougher in the future.

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