ITZY is flooded with criticism from fans for its crumpled skirt!

Fans who saw the costumes of the girls group ITZY are angry with the stylist in charge of ITZY costumes.

On the 22nd of this month, ITZY appeared at JTBC Studio in Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do to record JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Brother”. The members of ITZY, who appeared in uniforms according to the concept of “Knowing Brother”, posed for the interviewers who came to see them and showed a bright appearance.

The ITZY members expressed their gratitude by creating a refreshing atmosphere while showing petal poses and hearts, and waving their hands to the interviewers and bowing down to greet them.

In this way, ITZY had a perfect photo time like a professional without waste, but only the costumes worn by the members were terrible. On that day, ITZY wore a yellow check skirt, but the skirt didn’t seem to be ironed and was crumpled. Fans are angry, saying, “It’s too terrible,” and “the costumer himself isn’t wearing a crumpled skirt.”

This wasn’t the only costume problem pointed out by fans. The dissatisfaction with the best worn by ITZY member Ryujin was also considerable. Fans responded, “The length and design of the vest is ambiguous, but the members who don’t wear anything on top are the best.”


In the past, fans have complained about stylists wearing short costumes for underage ITZY members. Fans have been criticizing “It is famous that hair, makeup and costumes are not good, but it really sighs to deduct a beautiful child” and “Change the costume charge”.


ITZY’s stage costumes have always been a hot topic. I made stage costumes with underwear and became a hot topic, and I also made swimsuits as stage costumes and became a hot topic.


ITZY always wears beautiful clothes no matter what clothes he wears, but this crumpled skirt is a result of the negligence of his agency, so it’s natural for his agency to be criticized.

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