ITZY Lear Chaeryeong injured by overworking knees?

ITZY members overworked their knees while preparing a new song Mafia, revealing that their knees were in poor condition. ITZY members appeared on a radio program and reported that the new song Mafia Dance was radical and the choreography was changed due to a knee injury.

On May 12, ITZY appeared as a guest on KBS Radio “Jung Eunji’s Song Square”. The answers of ITZY members who answer the questions of the fans.

Eunji: I don’t think anyone has practiced dancing too much and has no sequelae, but who are the most difficult members, especially with knee and lower back pain?
Chaeryeong: All the members.

Ryujin: Many ITZY members don’t have good knees, but what’s not particularly good is that Leah and Chaeryeong aren’t good. So I, Yeji, and Yuna will dance with my knees. Three people dance on a duck walk.


Leah: Actually, mafia dance is a dance that really uses a lot of knees.

Chaeryeong: To be honest, I’m really sorry for the members, but the choreography is really exhausting and the knees are really straining. Other members have taken care of me. Actually, I was planning to do this duck choreography together with five people.

Yuna: The choreography was a favorite of the producer.

This is the most difficult choreography of the mafia dance that ITZY members talked about.

Actually, all five were supposed to sit and dance, but it seems that Lear and Chaeryeong, who have bad knees, have corrected to stand and choreograph.


ITZY members are not the only ones who broke their knees due to the dance taste of producer Park Jin Young. TWICE members, a senior group of ITZY, have also had knees full of blue bruises and injured knees.

JYP has a lot of knee-based dances, and TWICE member Jihyo suspended his activities in March 2017. Jihyo couldn’t walk because his knee was injured. Because of that, I was admitted to the hospital for treatment.

TWICE’s existing choreography has also been modified for Jihyo. The movement of sitting together was changed to choreography while everyone was standing.




Not only Jihyo but also other TWICE members were injured a lot, but especially the knee was injured. Nayeon’s knees were full of taping and blue bruises


The peach’s knees and legs were also full of blue bruises. Before JYP envisions a wonderful stage performance, I would like JYP to think more about the health of the artists they belong to and make choreography.

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