ITZY won first place on SBS’s Inkigayo this week


On the latest episode of SBS’s Inkigayo, there were lots of energetic and fun performances from your favorite idols.

In today’s episode, GOT7s Youngjae made his solo debut with “Vibin“, NIK debuted with “Santa Monica“, Golden Child returned with “DDARA“, IZ*ONE‘s Jo Yu Ri solo debuted with “GLASSY“, N.Flying returned with “Sober“, BLITZERS made their comeback with “Will Make a Mistake“, PIXY returned with “Addicted“, WOODZ (Jo Seung Youn)  returned with “Waiting” and CRAVITY came back with “Veni Vidi Vici“.

The nominees for first place were ITZYD-Hack &PATEKO, and aespa. As we all know only one can win ITZY won with “LOCO“. But in that show, we got to see wonderful performances by NorazoAB6IXATEEZCiipherE’LAST, SHINee‘s Key, and HOT ISSUE.

You can check all the performances from the show that is given below.

NIK’s performance with ‘Santa Monica’.

IZ*ONE’s Jo Yu Ri’s performance with ‘GLASSY’.

GOT7’s Youngjae’s performance with ‘Vibin‘.

BLITZERS performance with “Will Make a Mistake’

WOODZ ‘s(Jo Seung Youn) comeback performance with “Waiting”

Golden Child comeback performance with ‘DDARA’

N.Flying’s performance with “Sober”

ITZY’s performance with ‘LOCO’

SHINee’s KEY perform with ‘BAD LOVE’

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