ITZY’s new hairstyle, comeback spoilers!

ITZY members showed off their new hairstyles. On January 29th, ITZY fans showed off their new hairstyle in episode 5 of “b ㅣ Gap ITZY” released on NAVER NOW, but ITZY fans see this as a signal to signal a comeback

Both ITZY members Yeji and Chaeryeong dyed their hair red, but the leader Yeji dyed it in a brighter tone and was evaluated as having a good match with Yeji’s girl crush image and hair color.

Chaeryeong has white skin, so when she dyed her light-colored hair, she looked younger and was evaluated as cute.


Ryujin changed to peach pink color and kept the shoulder length hairstyle as it is.


The rear was dyed from dark brown to light brown.


The member who did not change the hairstyle the most was ITZY’s youngest Yuna. It used to be two-tone black and a little brown, but this time it’s completely black hair.

ITZY fans are disappointed that Yuna has black hair even though her bright hair color looks better.


Yuna’s hair color that ITZY fans like.



For idol group hairstyle transformation and hair coloring, it is common to refrain from shooting comebacks. Luzin mentio

Ryujin denied the comeback that the reason why the members changed their hair color was that it was a little boring and they dyed it to change their mood.


However, the producer in charge of the program spoiled the comeback, saying, “ITZY is planning to make a comeback from April to May.”

ITZY fans expected to make a comeback around February or March, so they commented that April-May would be too late. The reason fans are disappointed is that ITZY’s last album was “Not Shy” released in August last year, so even if they make a comeback in April, they will be off for eight months. I want ITZY members to feel the desire to meet ITZY members who are active as soon as possible.


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