“IVE” debut Album Eleven made more than 150,000 sales

The debut single of ” IVE ” has recorded the initial sales of “150,000 copies”.

According to the hunt chart, “ELEVEN” released on the 1st recorded sales of “152,200” in the first week of its release (~ 7th). This is the most initial sales of new idols who debuted in 2021.

In the 2021 initial ranking including all-girl groups, it was in the 7th position. All the groups belonging to major offices rank higher than that.

Looking at the girl group’s first-ever rankings, it ranked in “18th”. All of the top ranks are occupied by groups belonging to major offices except “IU”.

“IVE” is a girl group that Starship has unveiled for the first time in five years since “WJSN”. Members include ” Jang Won Young ” and “An Yu Jin ” from IZ * ONE, who has been receiving a lot of attention even before their debut.

IVE is also doing well on the distribution chart. The title song “ELEVEN” recorded “6th place” (as of 23:00 on the 7th) on the major Korean distribution charts. It’s a good start both digitally and physically.

The following reactions have been received from Korean internet users who saw the initial action of IVE.

(Reaction of Korean online community)
▼ Wow
▼ It sold well
▼ Is it the first place in Yodol’s debut album?
▼ I thought IZ * ONE could sell more than 100,000 copies
▼ Everyone in the upper ranks is the 3 major offices … IVE’s best, small and medium-sized miracle
▼ It seems that we were able to achieve it because all the members who were done were attractive
▼ I feel like it will go better because the member composition is good

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