“IVE” Made Fastest Debut in history, More Faster than ITZY Record

“IVE” won first place in a music program for the first time since its debut.

In MBC Every1 “Show Champion” broadcast on December 8, IVE “Eleven”, Kai “Peaches”, TWICE “Scientist”, EverGlow “Pirate”, Lee Mujin “When it snows” were nominated for the first place. The one who won first place among them was IVE!

IVE debuted on the 1st of December. It is the fastest in history to win first place in a music program 7 days after its debut. The fastest title so far was “ITZY” which was placed in the “9th” position at the time.

Leader An Yu-jin said, “Thanks to all the staff, including the representative and vice president of Starship. Thank you to all the hair and makeup staff who decorated this beautifully today. With the members, already I’m glad to receive great love. ”

Jang Won-young commented, “Thank you to everyone who has always sent great support even though we have only been a week since our debut. We value this award.”

On the stage that follows, the members are singing while showing emotional tears.


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