IZ * ONE dissolution quiz, Jang Sung Kyu apology is also on the net!

A radio program in which freelancer broadcaster Jang Sung-kyu serves as a personality quized the dissolution of IZ * ONE and was flooded with criticism from fans.

Jang Sung Kyu, who appeared in “Good Morning FM Jang Sung Kyu” on the 17th, selected Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and IZ * ONE’s “La Vie En Rose” in succession. Next, Jang Sung Kyu said, “IZ * ONE, which was controversial during the debut process, also published an article that the online concert will be held at the end of next month for two days last weekend. What is this word that the group breaks up in a dictionary sense? ”


After giving a quiz that the answer was correct no matter who asked, Jang Sung Kyu said in a funny tone that the correct answer was “dissolved.” After the radio broadcast, IZ * ONE fans were inundated with criticisms of Jang Sung Kyu, who happily talked about sad events. Jang Sung Kyu released the message received from IZ * ONE fans this afternoon.

IZ * ONE fans spend the night in tears every day. I sent a message saying that if you think about these fans even a little, please stop.

Jang Sung Kyu posted an apology on his SNS when criticism was flooded from IZ * ONE fans. Jang Sung Kyu said, “I asked IZ * ONE and WIZONE about the above problem on the radio today. First of all, I apologize for any reason. The most important virtue of radio personality is compassion. I’ve been thinking about it, but I’m embarrassed to read this quiz without any hesitation. It’s embarrassing to read various messages and finally realize it. ”

However, IZ * ONE fans were not angry at Jang Sung Kyu’s apology. When the criticism of IZ * ONE fans increased, Jang Sung Kyu was in a state where SNS was switched to private.





On the homepage of the radio program “Good Morning FM Jang Sung Kyu”, in which Jang Sung Kyu serves as a personality, the reload service of the broadcast with the dissolution quiz was canceled. Jang Sung Kyu is known to have a close relationship with IZ * ONE members, and it has been pointed out that it was a careless broadcast.

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