IZ * ONE Hitomi Honda & (G) I-DLE Shufa will appear in the 2022 Chinese version of “PRODUCE 101”?

It is attracting attention because it is included in the list of IZ * ONE Hitomi Honda and (G) I-DLE Schfaga unofficial performers in the <Creative 101> series, which is the Chinese version of PRODUCE produced in Tencent, China. .. Currently, the “Creative 101” series is the fourth season of this year, and the men’s version “Creative 2021” is being broadcast, and in 2022, the female version “Creative 2022” will be produced and broadcast again.

The Chinese survival audition program “Creative 2022” has already officially announced the audition schedule for next season’s broadcast, and the first audition was held on March 24th. The show will expand to an international scale next year and will be broadcast simultaneously in four countries: Japan, China, South Korea and Thailand. The girls group, which made its final debut, will be active throughout Asia with the goal of becoming the No. 1 girl group in Asia. It is said that it is planned. Any idol, entertainer, or ordinary woman aged 18 to 28 can apply.

Recently, an unofficial list of participants has been published on Weibo, and the names of IZ * ONE Hitomi Honda and (G) I-DLE Shu Hua are on the list.

Hitomi Honda, IZ * ONE, has been active as a member of AKB48, participated in the Korean audition program “Produce 48”, was selected as a debut group, and has been active in Korea as a member of IZ * ONE since 2018. IZ * ONE will be officially dissolved on April 29, 2021, but Hitomi Honda’s next activity plan has not yet been revealed.

Shu Hua, a member of the 6-member girl group (G) I-DLE belonging to CUBE Entertainment, who debuted in May 2018, is the youngest member of the team with Taiwanese nationality. Recently, it became clear that Sujin, a member of (G) I-DLE, was the perpetrator of bullying in junior high school, and when group activities became difficult for the time being, three foreign members of (G) I-DLE, Ugi (China) , Shufa (Taiwan), Minni (Thailand) have recently returned to the country. Ugi will be filming the Chinese entertainment show “Running Man” for three months, so there will be no (G) I-DLE comeback until at least July.

Next year, Tencent is trying to create an international girls group by broadcasting “Creative 2022” to four countries at the same time, so it is desperate to recruit suitable participants. The unofficial list with the names of Hitomi Honda and Shufa may not be just a hoax.

I think Hitomi Honda will return to Japan after the dissolution of IZ * ONE and return to his original team, but I think it is unlikely that he will continue to work as AKB48. Working in South Korea or participating in the Chinese version of the PRODUCE <Creative 101> series is likely to be one of the options for the future.

Shufa is less likely to participate than Hitomi Honda. (G) There is no reason to dare to choose a new adventure because it is a member who is not very active in I-DLE. However, since Tencent is investing in CUBE Enter, there is a possibility that it will participate if requested to participate. Most of the hoaxes from China are true, so additional news is drawing attention.

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