IZ * ONE Minju, after the dissolution, Kurishachu and girls group debut?


After the dissolution of IZ * ONE, they will return to their respective offices, but since no future activity plans have been decided yet, various rumors are flowing on the net.

There is a rumor that IZ * ONE member Kim Min-ju may make his debut in a girls group with his agency, Krishachu.

It was Kim Min-ju who was expected to be more likely to become an actor than an idol if he returned to his agency after the dissolution of IZ * ONE. He has appeared in movies and dramas before his debut, and during the activities of IZ * ONE, he appeared in the web drama A-TEEN Season 2 and was recognized as an actress. Also, since the agency Urban Works had never been revealed to the outside, such as preparing for the debut of the girls group, it was thought that Kim Min-ju would naturally turn into a performer.

However, recently, on the day when IZ * ONE was announced to be dissolved, the main screen of the official homepage of Kim Min-ju’s agency Urban Works changed. A new screen with the phrase “GUESS WHO’S COMING” has appeared on the homepage. The phrase “GUESS WHO’S COMING” became a hot topic because it is often used to announce a comeback or debut.

Urban Works also recently advertised to recruit fan marketing team employees. Recruiting fan managers means that there are idols who will be active in the company from now on.

Only Kim Min-ju and Krishachu can make their idol debut at Urban Works.

The agency is also showing some movement in line with the announcement of the dissolution of IZ * ONE, and when I see that Krishachu has started Instagram again, after Kim Min-ju returns to the agency, a new girls group together There are rumors that he may make his debut on Instagram. Seeing that Kim Min-ju is not a performer but a musician in the introduction of Kim Min-ju on the homepage of his agency, it seems likely that he will work concurrently as a girls group and a performer.

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IZ * ONE Minju, after the dissolution, Kurishachu and girls group debut?

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