IZ*ONE’s all-around idol Yena isn’t good at what she does! Nako Yabuki laughs at the same result no matter how many times Yena tries

Is Choi Ye Na of the Japan-Korea Joint Global Girls Group IZ*ONE actually bad at? What is the one side of Yena who is so good at singing, dancing and rapping…?

IZ*ONE’s official YouTube channel uploaded a new video on May 8. In the video, the members challenged themselves to cook kimchi fried rice and macarons. Yena teamed up with her good friend Nako Yabuki to make four different drinks.



The two of them started by cooking a banana milk latte that looked easy. The recipe is very simple: pour banana milk into a cup filled with ice, then add the coffee liquid.


Chef Yena succeeds in pouring banana milk into a cup, but she has trouble with the coffee that follows. Whether it’s because I’m not good at pouring it into a cup, or because I’m too bold, the coffee falls on the desk with a splash. Yabuki laughed when he was next to Yena, who spilled her coffee no matter how many times she tried. Then Yana tells Yabuki that the process is important, but it’s fine as long as it tastes good. Persuasion (?). It was the first time that I had ever done so.


Anyway, after seeing the four completed products, the two of them said, “The visuals pass! He was delighted with the workmanship. Some of the dishes were not so good in terms of taste, but they seemed to be enjoyable to cook.

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