IZ*ONE Jo Yuri will appear on the music show “King of Mask Singer”!

IZ*ONE member Jo Yuri found out that she will be appearing on the MBC music show “King of Mask Singer”.

On May 17 (Sun), IZ*ONE Jo Yuri will appear on the MBC music program “King of Mask Singer” to be broadcasted.


The music show “King of Mask Singer” released a hint for the performer who will be appearing next week on May 10, and the content of the hint refers to IZ*ONE Jo Yuri.

The hint content published by “King of Mask Singer” was “The moment we become one in #MySong, #Jodench, #Audition.

▶ “The moment to be one with my song” is the moment to be one, everyone’s attention (IZ*ONE’s chant)

▶ “#Jodenchi” is a nickname for Jo Yuri.

▶ “Audition” is Produce 48.

It was found out that Jo Yuri will be appearing in the above keywords.

Jo Yuri is 19 years old this year and her official height is listed as 160cm on her profile, but her small face and good style make her appear taller than 160cm.


Jo Yuri’s childhood


Jo Yuri’s Profile


Name:Jo Yuri

Date of Birth:October 22, 2001(Busan)

Age: 19 years old.


Family: parents, sister

Educational background: Moon Hyun Elementary SJool, Hae Young Middle SJool, Moon Hyun Girls High SJool (dropped out)

Group affiliation:IZONE

Affiliated Office:Stone Music Entertainment

Position:Main Vocal

▶ Debut: 2018 IZ*ONE mini 1st album COLOR*IZ


Jo Yuri’s Career

▶ In 2017, she participated in the Mnet audition show “Idol SJool

▶ In 2018, she participated in the Mnet audition show “Produce 48


Jo Yuri, who participated in the Mnet survival audition program “Produce 48,” came in third place in the final rankings and was able to debut as a member of IZ*ONE.

He was suspected of being a practitioner of rank fabrication, but there was no evidence of it, as his ranking rose dramatically from 18th to 3rd in the final round of Joosing his debut member.


On IZ*ONE, Ahn Yoo Jin appeared on “King of Mask Singer” under the name “Tsurara” before Jo Yuri on December 09, 2019.

However, he was eliminated after losing to “First Snow” in the first round of qualifying.

Jo Yuri is the main vocalist of IZ*ONE, and fans are eager to see if he can show off his abilities or if he can pass the first round.

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