IZ*ONE Kim Choi Won’s anime version fan art is the talk of the town!


IZ*ONE’s fan art of the anime version of member Choi Won has been posted in the fan community and has become a hot topic.


Up until now, there has been a lot of fan art of IZ*ONE Choi Won, but this is the first time that fans have released fan art in a full-fledged animated version.


Chaewon’s most famous piece of fan art is “a pictorial fan art of her high-fiving with Hitomi Honda at a concert.


His cute fan art when he was in La Vie en Rose went viral.


This animated version of Chaewon’s fan art is an animated version of the photo of Chaewon from the SECRET DIARY.

Many fans of IZ*ONE commented that it would be interesting to broadcast an anime about the process of the formation of the Japan-Korea project group and the activities of IZ*ONE.

Is IZ * ONE Sakura Miyawaki an exclusive contract with BTS’s agency Big Hit? Which girl group will join?

Red Velvet Joy criticizes wearing feminist T-shirts!

AOA former member Mina criticizes FNC; Jimin, AOA member unfollower!

The joint audition project Nizi Project; of Sony Music and JYP is finally completed!

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