IZ*ONE’s new music video “Secret Story of the Swan” is in trouble again, and it’s catching fire!

A major editing error has been discovered in IZ*ONE’s new music video “Secret Story of the Swan”.

On June 15 at 6 p.m., IZ*ONE’s third mini-album ‘Oneiric Diary’ was released, but the release of the MV for the title track ‘Secret Story of the Swan’ has been postponed for a day.

Their agency SWING Entertainment did not disclose the details of the postponement of the release of the music video through their official fan club.

SWING Entertainment explained that the release of the music video was postponed, saying, “In order to show you a better video, we will adjust the date.

It’s not often that they postpone the release of a music video on a comeback date.

Various false rumors circulated about the reason for this, but after the recent release of the teaser video for “Secret Story of the Swan,” it was speculated that the release date was postponed in order to respond to the protest statements from overseas fans.

Immediately after the release of the MV teaser, overseas fans released a statement demanding that the MV teaser be corrected.

The part of the MV teaser that foreign fans demanded to fix was “IZ*ONE member Eunbi’s video may cause discomfort to foreign fans,” they pointed out.

Overseas fans claimed, “If you look at Eunbi’s video, she wore an accessory that resembles a bindi gemstone, but the bindi gemstone is a sacred gemstone in Hinduism and even wearing it is a disrespectful act.

As a result, the accessories resembling Bindi jewelry were removed from the official music video released at noon on June 16.

The video shows Jang Won Young and Ahn Yoo Jin standing together on the left side of the screen in the dance scene Yena, Eunbi, Chaeyeon, Sakura, and Choi Won dance in the MV 2 minutes 38-39 seconds of “Secret Story of the Swan”.

Immediately after the release of the music video for “Secret Story of the Swan,” the fan community has been inundated with comments criticizing IZ*ONE’s agency and music video production company.

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