What Is Jeon Mi-do Net Worth?

Jeon Mi-do

Since 2007, Jeon Mi Do has indeed been renowned as a South Korean theatrical actor. The 33-year-old celebrity first began acting in K-dramas in 2018. She rose to prominence as a result of her incredible performance in the blockbuster tvN television series Hospital Playlist. Now, just how wealthy is Jeon Mi Do? And what’s the Hospital Playlist actress’s net worth? Continue reading to learn more.

According to Popnable, Jeon Mi-do had a net worth of $43.2 million as of August 2021. Because she is still recognized as a new drama rookie, it makes sense that the actress of ‘The Wise Doctor’ has a low net worth compared to other Korean stars. Most fans know that Jung Mi-do debuted in her 2006 musical play, Mr Mouse. Mido has appeared in many musicals and plays since her musical success. Before she made her television debut, the Hospital Playlist actress spent years developing her skills. Many, though not all, followers are familiar that Jeon Mi Do had her debut appearance in Mr Mouse, a 2006 musical production. Mi Do was cast into numerous musicals and dramas after the success of the musical play. Prior to making her debut appearance, the Hospital Playlist performer worked on developing her craft.

Jeon Mi Do was later cast in the 2018 television series Mother, in which she had a minor role. The Hospital Playlist star makes her grand entrance in 2019 with the science fiction film Metamorphosis. After wowing the audience, Jeon Mi Do gained a slew of fans and won her debut main role in the healthcare K-drama Hospital Playlist. Mi Do first auditioned for a lesser part. Jeon Mi Do, on the other hand, so impressed Hospital Playlist filmmaker Shin Won Ho in her audition that she had been granted the role from one of the series’ central protagonists. When in an interview, Won Ho claimed that the team thought Mi Do was predestined to play Song Hwa. Jeon Mi Do’s depiction of Song Hwa in Hospital Playlist not only won her numerous fans but also got her a nomination for Best New Actress in Tv at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.

What is her net worth?

Despite speculations that tvN is planning to order Hospital Playlist Season 3 shortly, it is uncertain if Jeon Mi Do will continue her part as Song Hwa. According to some accounts, Hospital Playlist Season 2 is indeed the season finale of the medical-themed television series. As a result, Mi Do’s reunion with Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, and Kim Dae Myung seems improbable. Jeon Mi Do is not yet on the list of the Wealthiest South Korean Celebrities as of this writing. Lee Young Ae ($52 million), Song Hye Kyo ($37 million), Go Hyung Jung ($34 million), IU ($31 million), Suzy Bae ($30 million), Jun Ji Hyun ($28 million), Cho Ji Woo ($27.5 million), Kim Tae Hee ($25 million), Han Ji Min ($21 million), and Kim Yoo Jung ($16 million) are all wealthier than Hospital Playlist Season 2 actor Lee Young Ae.

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