Jessi to collaborate with six crews of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ in ‘Cold Blooded’

Jessie 'Cold Blooded'

Jessie from P Nation has been ruling the music industry with her charm and sassiness from the second generation of K-Pop. She is getting more popular day by day as new idols and groups are continuously featured on her show. The name of the show is ‘Showterview with Jessi’ that airs on Youtube every week. She has also been appearing on a number of shows off lately.

Her last appearance was on the sixth episode of Mnet’s female dance group survival show ‘Street Woman Fighter’. In that episode, a K-Pop sensation Psy and the CEO of the label that manages Jessi, as well as second-generation sensation CL made appearances. Jessi announced a collaboration with all six crews that appear on the show, right after her appearance on the show went viral.

 Greatest collaboration in K-Pop history

Jessi’s collaboration with the six crew members of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ has indicated one of the greatest collaborations in K-Pop history. Jessi shared the release of her new single on her social media account as  P.Nation had announced the release of a new music video. The announcement of the collab was first announced when she posted an image of dalgona candy with her face engraved on it. As many of you already know the candy has become extremely popular due to its feature on Netflix’s hit series ‘Squid Games’.

She posted the first official trailer for her single ‘Cold Blooded’ on October 8, which will feature all six crews that are competing on the survival show. We can see that in the teaser video Jesi and ‘Street Woman Fighter’ crews YGX, Lachika, Hook, Holly Bang, Coca N Butter, and Proudman Crew all appear one by one as the chorus melody of her new single ‘Cold Blooded’ plays in the back.

‘Cold Blooded’ will serve as the semi-final song for the survival show

In that teaser video, we get to see all six crews showing their individuality with their incredible overwhelming aura. Her new single ‘Cold BLooded’ will also serve as the semi-final song for the survival show ‘Street Woman Fighter’.

the song is highly addictive that combines modern, urban music as well as peppy, trap beats from the hip-hop genre. The MV teaser is very eye-catching with great visuals. It mainly consists of dance performances centered around the dancers that can be seen in ‘Street Woman Fighter’

 Release date

On October 12 at 6 PM KST, the single Cold Blooded’ featuring Street Woman Fighter will be released on various music platforms. However, the full version of the music will be released right after the seventh episode of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ on October 13 at 12;30 AM KST. You can watch the ‘Cold Blooded’ MV  teaser by just clicking on the video above. And please feel free to express your opinion in the comment section below.

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