Jinsoul (LOONA) Profile and Facts


Stage Name: Jinsoul (진솔)

Birth Name: Jung Jin Sol (정진

Birthday: June 13, 1997

Jinsoul made her first debut on music world in June 25,2017 being under the LOONA band and by singing the song “Singing in the Rain”.

Jinsoul favorite color is blue and back also her representation is based on this color and her favorite animal which also represent is blue betta fish.

While there was audition she sang a song Gummy’s “If You Return”. Talking with ODD EYE CIRCLE INTERVIEW WITH XSports, she is one of the tallest member on her group.

She has a dimple and her face is round, she is beautiful lady with with glowing eyes. Also, once Choerry said that she wears Zootopia Judy hat while sleeping.

Jinsoul also compare herself to pig due to her facial expression. Among coolness members she was ranked #1.

Also in her family there is her older brother who loves her very much, before she started her career on music world she was former DSP Entertainment trainee.

Jinsoul nickname is Jindori and her fan also loves to call her by this name, she was not so famous before but after her performance in Hong Kong made many fans for her.

Her fan also call her as mini Elkie because she was spotted by media for the first time while she was walking with her who also looks very much same like her.

Jinsoul is a girl of will and she also thinks charm is her madness and dumbness also, her favorite band is Red Velvet and she also loves to be in this band.

Her favorite food is spicy rice cakes, ramen, watermelon and carbonated drinks but there are many more foods she loves also. Her every food list can’t place here because she loves every foods she got.

Before starting music career she also studied piano for 9 years and she plays it really well. She also looks almost similar to Doraemon due to her round face.

In her free time she also spends time by doing online shopping and she also order food many times through it but she is afraid if she will gain more weight due to this.

Also, she spends her free time on webtoons and one of her dream is to make abs but she doesn’t do any exercise.

Jinsoul like to be on her teenager once again but it’s just a dream. Jinsoul biggest dream as being LOONA members is that she want to see LOONA getting very famous and top Korean band on USA.

Jinsoul’s role model is Krystal (f(x)) and she is also very close with Hyunjin and Choerry. In 2018, she was also nominated for 100 Most Beautiful Faces 2018, she loves boys who are cute.


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