Judas Priest To Release New Studio Album, ‘Invincible Shield’, In March 2024

Judas Priest has released some exciting details about their upcoming album. As per the official Judas Priest website, they are set to launch an album named Invincible Shield on March 8, 2024. Glenn Tipton, despite his battle with Parkinson’s, is featured as the guitarist for this album, a delightful surprise for fans. Tipton has been facing challenges due to his health, yet he occasionally graces the stage. The ensemble for Judas Priest comprises Rob Halford, Ian Hill, Glenn Tipton, Scott Travis, and Richie Faulkner.

For those eager to reserve their copy of Invincible Shield, pre-orders are up. The options are many, including a grand box set. This set boasts two vinyl editions with both standard and alternative covers, the original and special edition CDs, a distinctive picture disc, a cassette, and a 7″ containing three special bonus tracks. As of now, no other details have been shared, but fans are optimistic that more news is just around the corner.

Richie Faulkner, the band’s guitarist, shared in a 2023 conversation with Brave Words that Invincible Shield brings with it more musical innovation than its predecessor, Firepower.

Faulkner expressed, “Though it’s the same band and retains our essence, this album has its unique vibe. It brings something fresh to the table. The musical direction has a few additional unexpected turns compared to the previous album. It isn’t reminiscent of a Rush album, but it certainly has its novel musical twists.”

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