Jung Kook & IU most searched on Google & YouTube in the first half of 2020!

In the first half of 2020, the world’s best search engine, Google and the most searched K-POP idol on the video site YouTube were announced.

The most searched male idol singer was BTS Men Verguk. Second place was BTS Jimin and third place was BTS Vi.

IU was the most searched female idol singer. Second was BLACKPINK Lisa, and third was BLACKPINK Jenny.



Jung Kook won the number one search on Google for 22 weeks during the first 25 weeks of the year.

After that, there were many BTS members.



The surprising result here is that the singer IU was among the BTS members and was the only female idol singer in the TOP 5 list with one of the only female idols and singers.

The number of searches for IU was 5th on Google and 3rd on YouTube, higher than BLACKPINK Lisa.



The reason why IU was the highest rank among female idols and singers may be that the search volume for the collaboration song “eight” with BTS Shuga released in May increased.



<The most searched idol ranking on Google in the first half of 2020>




<The most searched idol ranking on YouTube in the first half of 2020>

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