BTS’s Jungkook Tattoo with Meaning

BTS Jungkook

It was in September 2019 when fans became aware of the singer’s first tattoo. His first-ever tattoo was revealed through a picture and his fans spotted it in pictures of the group making their way through Incheon International Airport on October 9 on their way to Saudi Arabia for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour stop there.

In case you can’t keep track of how many tattoos BTS’ Jungkook has, here’s his 18 known tattoos soo far.

Tiger lily/Please love me

This tattoo made its appearance on BTS’ “On” music video last year. A flower on his forearm is a tiger flower. This flower represents his birth month (September). The “Please love me” tattoo is inked behind it, which is the tiger lily’s meaning in the language of flowers.

Skeleton hand

Skeleton hand sign with the thumb folded in is the symbol for Rock’n’Roll/ The Devil’s Horns/ “Rock on!”. He has a long history with hand symbols. It has been speculated that this tattoo placed on his right arm might be an add-on to his “Rather be dead than cool” ink (a quote from Nirvana’s song “Stay Away”).

Black stripes

The three bold stripes close to the skeleton hand tattoo hold a close resemblance to the stripes on South Korea’s flag, “Geon” (건), which means “Justice”. It’s said this tattoo represents where he came from.


Under his thumb, on his right hand, he has BTS’s debut date (13th June / 0613) tattooed.

A purple heart

He was first seen with it on September 19, 2019. The purple heart situated nearby the 06.13 tattoo symbolizes Jungkook’s everlasting love for his members and fans.


This tattoo was first spotted by the fans in the “BTS Focus” version of the “Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima” MV. Many say that his friends Mark and Yugyeom from GOT7 also have inked the same tattoo in the same spot.


jungkook tatto

After coming back from vacation on  September 19, 2019,  his full set of tattoos on his right hand was revealed at the airport. This tattoo on his knuckles has two meanings. One is obviously  BTS‘s fandom name ARMY and the other one stands for each of the members of BTS: A (V) – Taehyung, RM – Nam Joon (his stage name), MY– Min Yoon (Suga), JM– Jimin (connecting the letter J from his ring finger), and J – Jin, J-Hope. He inked this tattoo at the tattoo shop in Geoje Island.


This tattoo, which was placed on his ring finger was spotted on September 19, 2019. The letter J stands for his own name as well as two other BTS members Jin and J-Hope. He inked this tattoo at the tattoo shop in Geoje Island.

Rather be dead than cool

During a live stream in April 2018, he mentioned that he loves this tattoo a lot and It’s his life motto! This tattoo is located on his forearm. It is a quote from the Nirvana song “Stay Away”.


After coming back from vacation on  September 19, 2019,  his full set of tattoos on his right hand was revealed at the airport. This tattoo between his knuckles means BTS and ARMY are bonded forever.

A woozy face emoji

This tattoo which is his middle finger means that you are in a state where your thoughts are confused and you can’t think straight.

A crown

The crown tattoo refers to BTS’s status as the Kings of K-Pop. It was on September 19, 2019, that this tattoo was spotted at the airport. He inked this tattoo at the tattoo shop in Geoje Island.


This tattoo is BTS‘s ARMY Logo. When you combine it with the BTS official logo it creates a shield. He inked this one with the rest of the tattoos that you can find on this hand at the tattoo shop in Geoje Island. Along with other tattoos in his right hand, this was also spotted for the first time on September 19, 2019, at the airport.

An eye with a red pupil

At the end of August 2020, BTS released Episode 2 of “In the SOOP”. He was spotted with a new addition to his sleeve which is allegedly an eye with a red pupil. Producers of the show decided to keep his tattoos blurred but the first clear version of this tattoo was revealed during Run BTS! Ep.125, where the members were having another cooking session under the guidance of acclaimed chef Baek Jong-won.

It has been speculated that this tattoo means someone who associates with individuals who seek the truth, trust, and also protection, or it can be linked with his Japanese song “Your Eyes Tell”.

Tiger tattoo

Although difficult to detect it has been speculated that the tattoo on his arm may be a tiger. In Korea, it is believed that this animal is the symbol of good luck and represents courage and pride.

Make hay while the sun shines

The horizontal phrase in the crossword located on his right arm although hard to see made a brief appearance in BTS’s “ON” MV. It is an old proverb that urges listeners to seize the day.

Microphone and GCLEF

In my opinion, these tattoos represent his obsession with music, singing, and writing new songs. He had released the self-produced track “Still With You” on SoundCloud as part of BTS’s annual Festa celebrations as well as he is also co-writer for the “Your Eyes Tell” a track from BTS Japanese album MOTS 7: The Journey.


In my opinion, if you see his inner arm, you can see a circle there that looks like a stopwatch with a Roman numeral on it. It can be linked with his solo song ‘My Time’ from MOTS:7.


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